Long Chim Falls Short

World renowned celebrity chef, unique concept, swanky location. Long Chim, our latest 6iX dinner venue had all the X factors and judging from the countless recommendations online and by word of mouth, it was the place to be and boy were we all psyched for a good time/ meal.

So, what went wrong?

The evening’s Menu

Spring Rolls with Prawn and meat
Spring Rolls with Pork & Prawns
Pork Satay
Pork Satay
Beef Satay
Beef Skewers with Cumin, Coriander and Turmeric
Fried Prawn Cakes
Crunchy Prawn Cakes
Chicken Larb
Chiang Mai Chicken Larb
Grilled Long eggplant with Dried Prawns and Steamed Egg Salad
Tiger Prawns
Southern Style Grilled Squid
Grilled Lamb Ribs
Red Curry of Roast Duck
Braised pork with Veg
Stir-fried pork with Chinese broccoli
Green Curry
Green Curry of Chicken
Beef Stew
Beef Stew
Pad Thai
Stir fried glass noodles
Stir Fried Rice Noodles
Desserts Banana Roti, Chendol, Coconut Cake
Desserts Banana Roti, Coconut Cake, Black Sticky Rice with Pandanus Noodles aka Chendol


Long Chim_ScoreCard png
Scoring based on individual’s opinion.


Will-I-Ham says…

(1) Place 7.0- Ok.., if ever there was a category for most trendy Thai restaurant in Singapore, Long Chim would probably win hands down… Complete with a fancy uptown cocktail bar and a full-time DJ spinning the latest billboard tunes, not to mention an ultra hip ID concept merging Thai street vibes with chic modern ambiente, Long Chim certainly spared no expense to fashion a unique and happening scene. (2) Taste 6.0 -Long Chim specializes in dressing up Thai street food for fine dining.., and I must say they do a pretty decent job in redefining the rugged flavors of street grub in attempt to awe an uptown MBS crowd. As for me, I remembered that I was adequately impressed with the tasty pork satay and savory lamb ribs, but hardly in any state of awe or ecstasy… In fact to be honest, as I was penning this review two weeks later, I could hardly remember the taste and flavor of most of the dishes… I guess the meal just wasn’t that memorable for me… (3) Service 5.6 -The waitress serving us wasn’t too friendly at the beginning but slowly warmed up to us as we engaged her with some mindless chatter. The bartender was friendly and professional though, and made us some excellent Moscow Mules even though it wasn’t in the menu…, I think! (4) Value 4.0 – In my opinion street food is street food, so no matter how much you might dress it up, there’s definitely going to be a limit on how much premium is warranted. At S$130 a pop, I think that limit was blown away S$50 ago..! I don’t think Long Chim is going to be on my revisit list anytime soon..!

G.licious says…

(1) Place 7.5- ❤️❤️❤️Love it! Love it! Love at first sight! As you walk towards Long Chim, you’re greeted by a row of bright red coffee shop stools against a wall design of old grunge archaic street doors with streaky electric colors. Took our first selfie! Walk round the concealed entrance to a gorgeous long bar on one side and cushy round booth seats on the other. We took one of the booth seat tables and another selfie! Pass the bar section, the main dining hall is a big open space with high pitched ceiling, unpretentious wooden tables and chairs and retro street carts. Vintage wall paper with Thai letterings, old fashioned clocks, radios, carafes and artefacts from the past decorate the restaurant. Cutleries are transported in grandma’s trusty metal mugs. Amidst all that old street charm, sexy Martini glass lights hang across the bar where chichi cocktails are shaken while a live DJ spins the coolest sounds 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻! Kudos to DJ! A small open kitchen saw two chefs whipping up rice and noodle dishes non-stop, sending whiffs of aromatic spices in the air. The eccentric mix is quaint, casual, at the same time, trendy and glitzy! Its a riot of colors, sounds and smells which is comfy and captivating. Good vibes! (2) Taste 5.0- I always wondered why I could get more non-spicy Thai food in Thailand than I could in Singapore! Perhaps it’s the Singaporeans’ love for chili that encourages over the top spicy Thai cuisine. Long Chim is no exception. However, our server readily recommended a few non-spicy dishes. First was the Crispy Spring Rolls. This eighteen-dollar baby (4 pieces) was as delicious as any frozen spring rolls available in supermarkets. Then there was a Beef Curry/ Stew dish (not listed on the menu) which was not only small (3 small chunks of beef with some spud) and expensive (S$35😵), it was also spicy😥! For my fellow diners (whom also agreed the dish was a little spicy), it was also too sweet. What saved the day, or rather my evening, was the grilled Pork Satay which was SUPER FANTASTIC💥! It was tender, meaty and juicy with wonderful flavor! I can eat that everyday! Another promising dish was the grilled Lamb Ribs. Spicy level was just warm but the aromatic herbs that seasoned the meat were absolutely yummy! Long Chim’s definitely on my list for a good cocktail. One of the best Moscow Mule and Long Island Tea I’ve had. And I am not a fan of the LIT! (3) Service 5.5- Iffy. I’m between sixes and sevens here! On one hand, our server was was friendly, cheerful and patient. Indulging us with ready smiles and candid small talk which made us comfortable. Yet at the same time, she was slow in bringing extras to the table. It took her (and a second waitress) 12 whole minutes to bring us fresh plates (while our food turn cold). Another  10 minutes to bring serving spoons. And no initiative to furnish serving cutlery on every dish knowing we preferred that. We distinctly declared we would order 3 desserts to share. They arrived with no individual side plates for us. I gave up asking for empty bowls to distribute the soupy Chendol dessert and used  our palms to catch dripping syrup and crumbs as we dug in instead.. (*shakes head) My question is, how difficult is it to bring clean plates from the counter and grab a pre-filled cutlery mug simultaneously? Perhaps more prioritizing and less chatting at the kitchen door might help? (4) Value 5- Portions are small and prices are high. I might be compelled to return if the food was phenomenal… but… *palm to face*

Just-Eat-Lah says…

(1)Place: 6- Can’t help but be suspicious about a restaurant in MBS, helmed by a celebrity chef, that greets patrons with red plastic 5-foot-walkway stools.. Trying too hard or distracting patrons from the so-so food fare with fireworks..? Decor whilst inside was pleasant enough with live DJ spinning LUSH-ful music, 70-ish mosaic tilings, full long bar and street-food ornaments donned-hawker carts scattered around the restaurant. The hawker carts are probably the only link to the street-food theme purported by the establishment. (2) Food 6- Simple, yet most sensational dish! The Chiang Mai Chicken Larb with cabbage, chilli and mint excited me with it’s taste upon first bite. Crunchy fresh cabbage stir-fried with minced chicken pieces and diced chilli and mint. Enjoyed the grilled pork satay’s juicy tenderness, Green Curry Chicken’s level of spiciness and lemak-ness and the tasty grilled lamb ribs. Forgettable spring-rolls, wagyu beef satays and red duck curry to name a few of the rest of our orders after my initial exuberance..  (3)Service 5.5- Helpful, knowledgeable of the restaurant’s offerings but short on initiative and attentiveness. Fresh plates changes given to those that asked and not to all an example.. (4)Value 3.5- Not gonna be able for many street-folks to “come and taste” very often nor be fully fed with prices like $28 for a single-serving plate of overly sweet street-food char kway teow leh… Similar size/price quotient for all dishes.

KitCat says…

(1)Place 7.0- It was love at first sight! The entrance of the restaurant was a huge wall printed night scene of Bangkok Streets in neon colours. As I walked in there’s a long bar with brass hanging lights along the side of the restaurant with the mixologist busy fixing cocktails, soaking up the ambience with nice music spun by a resident DJ till late..What a hip and cool place to dine I thought! The walkway to the toilet was impressive! Nice tilings with painted drawings on the wall. We were seated in a round booth facing a small open kitchen and the bar, only thing was the utensils and cutlery used was simple and nothing fanciful. (2) Taste 6.0- Our starter was called a Chiang Mai Chicken Larb, its mince chicken season with herbs and spices and wrapped with cabbage. I like this dish, its so appetising!The mince chicken was well season and nicely fried with the cabbage complimenting it with a refreshing finish.We had pork and beef satays which I must say its delicious, tender and juicy, one of the best satays I’ve tried. We had 3 types of curries, Green curry chicken, curry beef and Red curry roast duck. Amongst all, my favourite was the green curry chicken, the curry was light with the right amount of coconut milk in it unlike the usual green curry which has too much coconut milk making it very sweet. I will highly reccommend this dish!The beef curry is a miss for me as its not flavourful (without the punch!) the portion was small..only 3-4 pieces of beef inside. My favourite was the  coconut cake dessert with coconut shavings, its soo..yummilicious!! Nice texture and its not too sweet, its definately a must try for coconut lovers!👍👍To top it off, they make very good Moscow mule cocktail! (3) Service 5.0- Service was normal nothing to shout out, actually I will expect a better service from a restaurant in MBS!! We had to wait for quite a while for cutleries and plates change, the impression I got was like short of staff. (4)Value 4.0- Food portions were small for every dish and it comes with a expensive tag! I will visit the bar for their cocktails instead.

Tutu Kueh says…Sometimes if you wait a couple of weeks and think back to what you have tasted 2 weeks ago at that restaurant and you ask yourself whether you yearn to go back there to order that one dish you miss and if your cannot remember what you ate there…the answer is clear.

(1) Place 6.5- Beautiful entrance because I especially like restaurants with a bar infront for drinks before dinner. To top that up, they gave a Dj there spinning groovy tunes which is definitely a big plus point for them. Cocktails were not exactly cheap but I discover about cocktails in Singapore. ..why charge so much when most of it taste soooo bad!? Fortunately, their cocktails were great…especially the Moscow Mule which compliments Thai food. Overall ….love a restaurant with a bar and the DJ was perfect. (2) Taste 5- Expected much better food because I heard David Thompson is infamous for elevating Thai street food to a next level. ..didn’t really get to the next level.. after 13 dishes I was still at best level 1. Best dish was probably the lamb curry and the worse was their Thai rice noodles (hor fun) which was suppose to be his signature dish in his Bangkok restaurant. $30 for a plate of rubbish sweet sauce noddles. Overall. Disappointed!!! Can bluff ang mo but not us!! Can’t really remember any other dish I had now after 2 weeks…just not there la. (3) Service 5.5- Had an older service staff.. when under pressure, obvious blur lor. Introduce me the same old boring stuff to try..red curry…green curry…fish cake.. when their menu boasts so many more other one of a kind Thai dishes. Had to ask for extra plates and utensils more then 3 times …..how to blame her…old liao  (4) Value 4.0- Where is the Ah Kong when we need him… $800+ for 6 persons and a couple of drinks each is pretty ex for Thai food. Portions were small and most dishes were around  $20. So to properly taste a dish,  we need to order 2 portions of each dish and curry dishes were all over $20 for a small portion and really no value for our dollar whatsoever. Conclusion. .. unless you made some money from the casino and don’t mind blowing a few bucks for Thai food cooked by ang mos.. by all means …if not you can give it a miss la..

Tonguerchi says…Just the fact that I took so long to write my review says it all. I struggle to put into words what a yawn would suffice.

(1) Place 6.5- So it’s good packaging. But I care more what’s inside. Really could dig the DJ’s groovy music, the mosaic floor and psychedelic night life disco sexy transy feel of the joint until the smoke screen dissipated and we locked lips, licked skin and tasted Thai meat. (2) Taste 5.0- Erm. Well. Yah. So. The score says it all right? It would have scored really high as bar food, not restaurant standard. Cocktails were really exciting though but what’s foreplay without the finish? Street never tasted cheaper but it dressed up sexy and danced like a stripper teaser in man sized stilettos. (3) Service 5- Guess we look too local to get any type of quality service or attention. Bad recommendations from the menu as well. Their best turned out to be the worst of our choices. Skip the noodles; unless you forgot your dentures and intend just to swallow.(4) Value 4- I won’t pay if you gonna just stand around and look pretty. And the cut throat rate is such a turn off. Kinda felt cheated when the clothes came off. Just like in the “Crying Game” but this had absolutely no climax.

Is it true you can’t have everything? Well, if you’re in the vicinity and had some time to kill before dinner, cocktails (and maybe some pork satay) are definitely to be had at Long Chim! Cheers to that!

“..psychedelic night life disco sexy transy feel…” Tonguerchi
Long Chim seats up to 150 people.
” The hawker carts are probably the only link to the street-food theme …” Just-Eat-Lah
Kudos to the DJ! Great music!
Really could dig the DJ’s groovy music…” Tonguerchi
Chefs at the noodle open kitchen
Chefs at the noodle open kitchen
Now that's a fancy drink! Flame Tarik?
Now that’s a fancy drink! Flame Tarik?
Swanky street food setup
Swanky street food setup
“…cocktails were great…especially the Moscow Mule which compliments Thai food……” Tutu Kueh
Vintage wall paper with Thai letterings, old fashioned clocks, radios, carafes and artifacts from the past decorate the restaurant” G.licious
“….fancy uptown cocktail bar…” Will-I-Ham
“Nice tilings with painted drawings on the wall.” KitCat
“My favourite was the coconut cake dessert with coconut shavings,its soo..yummilicious!!” KitCat
Banana Roti
Banana Roti
LC's Chendol with Black Glutinous Rice
LC’s Chendol with Black Glutinous Rice
“…the curry was light with the right amount of coconut milk in it …” KitCat
Tiger Prawns
Tiger Prawns
“Simple, yet most sensational dish!” Just-Eat-Lah
“Skip the noodles; unless you forgot your dentures and intend just to swallow.” Tonguerchi
Great Moscow Mules to start the evening!
Allaboutsix was here!
Allaboutsix was here!

Long Chim @ #02-02, Atrium 2, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018955

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