Kilo, The New Heavyweight!

A hidden, obscure, secret hideaway? Does it even exist on our little dot of an island? Well, lo and behold, Kilo is such and boy did it get us all schoolgirl excited! First tip: Dress light as there’s no air conditioning at this restaurant. Wait!! Actually the first tip should be to book early!

Taking up the entire 2nd storey of a secluded old warehouse building overlooking the Kallang River, Kilo exudes a relaxed, casual, and unpretentious atmosphere the moment you step out of the old vintage creaky lift! It was a cool evening fortunately but on warmer days, I fear even the numerous ceiling fans may not cut it 😓…

Kilo ambience (2)
Kilo @ Kallang

We ordered both the recommended main dishes and being fans of raw beef, the Korean Beef Tartare starter to share.

tartare (2)
Korean Beef Tartare

Doused with a wonderful sweet, tangy marinade, dices of raw beef and pear pile atop crispy sourdough toast. Generously topped with pine nuts, chives and a drizzle of balsamic. Took the first bite and wow! The flavor is exotic and absolutely yummy! I’ve had my fair share of Korean beef tartare in Seoul, still love those but Kilo’s twisted formula is mind-boggling!

rice (1)
Squid Ink Rice

A little late when we realized we had ordered 2 carbo dishes as our main courses but regrets! The Squid Ink Rice was a black Sea of divine yumminess! The rice, dryer than an Italian risotto, had a bite more like fried glutinous rice, and with just the right hint of who-does-not-❤️-aioli! The salmon roe explodes in random mouthfuls, oozing saltiness amidst the rice.. and that squeeze of lemon juice balances and ties everything up beautifully. The crispy squid was fresh and tender but could be crispier.

pasta (3)
Cream of Ebiko Pasta

The Cream of Ebiko Pasta … Gosh.. I’m drooling just thinking about it!! Where do I begin… Creamy spaghetti topped with 3 good sized prawns and lots of smelt roe. The pasta isn’t swimming in sauce, and in fact seemed a little dry when we dug our forks in it… yet every single strand is well coated and glossy and was in fact not dry at all. And it is PERFECTLY al dente. Plus the happy oomph from the crunchy salty roe in every mouthful! Winner 💯! Prawns were ideal but I think other crustaceans would be great too. This was delicious. With limited stomach space, I couldn’t decide to have more rice or more pasta!

caramel (2)
Thai Tea Cream Caramel

We were stuffed after polishing off both main courses but it’d be a sin to leave without dessert! Ordered the Thai Tea Cream Caramel as it sounded lightest among the four on the menu. This was very creamy, very sweet and very strong.. y’know, just like a classic Thai ice tea!

Everyone does fusion, or rather try to… But Kilo’s nailed it to a T! She’s Spanish, Thai, Italian, Japanese, Korean and I’ll bet we ain’t seen nothin’ yet! Kudos also, to the efficient and friendly service team! Without a doubt, a very pleasant evening, from discovering the restaurant, to the awesome culinary, to post dinner drinks chilling at the Kilo Lounge… I’m already planning my next visit. In fact, I have even picked out my dishes… And it’s worth every kilo on my bathroom scale😄!

Kilo ambience (10)
Kilo feels relaxed and trendy… flowers and art pieces at the right spots.
Kilo ambience (9)
Had this little fella for company…
Kilo ambience (1)
Now that’s vintage! Step in and take a step back in time while this grand old dame takes you up (and down!).
rice (2)
An extraodinary rice!
pasta (2)
3 good sized prawns accompany the wonderful Cream of Ebiko pasta.
tartare (1)
Some wonderful sorcery going on here…
Kilo menu (2)
The Kilo Lounge on level 8
Kilo ambience (7)
DJ console at the lounge
Kilo ambience (5)
View of the Kallang River from level 8 lounge…
cocktails (3)
Sip A Sure Thing
cocktails (1)
Or a Sake Sangria
Kilo menu (1)
Kilo Drinks List
Kilo menu (2)
Kilo Food Menu
Kilo ambience (4)
Taken from the bridge on Kallang River…

Kilo Kallang @ 66 Kampong Bugis Singapore 338987

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