New Year’s Eve 2015 at Salt

Salt Grill & Sky Bar has taken high to a different level. Perched on the 55th level of Ion Mall, with a 360 degree killer view (ok.. minus that construction site round the corner 😦 ), high ceiling, elegant classic decor, great service and an amazing team behind the kitchen, we have certainly made the right decision to ring in the New Year here.

And for our last meal of 2015, this is what we ate….Menu IMG_9471

IMG_9473Little plates of vegetable sticks and fancy chips were served to some hungry tummies before starters. Our 8.30 seating included an additional starter of Oysters… IMG_9468Salt served a pair of freshly shucked oysters with different dressings. Both unique in their own rights though some of us preferred one flavor to the other. And though I thought the oysters looked kinda listless and skinny (I like them big and plump!), they were actually pretty juicy. We all know freshness is the number one criteria for oysters and Salt’s were sweet and fresh!IMG_9477The Kingfish Sashimi was a riot of (well balanced) flavors in the mouth. Adore the fresh pomergrate with each sliver of fish.. added crunch and sweetness to the tender flesh. Very appetizing!IMG_9479The server sat my plate down and announced, “Foie Gras!” Huh? The precious organ was no where in sight…! Where are you, Foie Gras…? Ahh… I find everyone’s favorite delicacy holed up under the nest of frisée. The little morsel was very tasty. Nicely seared and juicy. I needed more than two mouthfuls of this baby!IMG_9484My medium rare steak was perfectly done. Beautifully charred on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Did not need any more condiments whatsoever… The mustard I aggreed to sat on my plate untouched! Oh and the accompanying mushroms.. those were great too..they were first to vanish from my plate! 🙂 IMG_9486What an impeccable marriage! Strawberry and pistachio! Not quite something I’d normally pick but this sweet, creamy, zesty dessert did win my heart.

New year’s countdown with whistles, clappers, poppers and confetti weren’t spared. And from that altitude, we even caught the fireworks from Marina Bay!  But even without the fireworks, Salt Grill & Sky Bar has found a place in my book under “Cool restaurans in Singapore”. IMG_9475

IMG_9482The man behind it all, Chef Luke Mangan.IMG_9490

GroupAllaboutsix was here… together with some of our favorite people! Mmmuack!

Salt Grill & Sky Bar @ 2 Orchard Turn #55-01 ION Orchard Singapore 238801

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