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G.licious GravatarIf you’re a fan of no-brainer Omakase meals, this is one place to check out. DSTLLRY does fusion in a kooky Singaporean kinda way. Evidently, somebody knows what tickles our (Singaporeans’) taste buds and cheekily incorporates them in every dish if just to please us :-). This evening at Dstllry.. We kicked off dinner with…IMG_7440Soft Shell Crab with Papaya Salad Lightly battered and fried so crispy on the outside while remaining succulent on the inside. Is this crispy crustacean not everyone’s favorite don’t-need-to-get-my-hands-dirty crab. Pair it with another Asian favorite, a refreshing, zesty Thai papaya salad and… what’s not to like? This straight forward combo hits all the right notes with its appetizing flavors and crunch.IMG_7430Negitoro in Kueh Pie Tee Why would anyone mess with traditional Peranakan food? Dstllry’s bastardized version is a sinful novelty! If you like sashimi as well as Kueh Pie Tee, then there’s nothing to hate here.. The crispy pie tee cup holds a generous amount of chopped up fatty tuna, topped with Ikura for that salty implosion in the mouth. Interesting… and even easy enough to replicate at home 😉IMG_9903Botan Ebi Vietnamese Spring Roll  Well fried, crispy and light rice spring roll filled with shrimps. What can I say? Its a spring roll. And it’s a hard act to improvise. I guess… points for trying?IMG_7437Onsen Tamago Oooo…The signature dish. Can’t help but compare this shiny trophy to Singapore’s favorite breakfast! But alas.. Dstllry’s rendition has been upped with a wonderful sweet-salty ponzu sauce (instead of dark soy sauce), juicy Ikura roe (instead of white pepper) and a generous topping of crispy wonton skin strips (instead of crispy toast). This runny-crunchy-sweet-salty amalgamation that painstakingly takes an hour and a half to prepare is as enjoyable as Mr Kun’s 6-minute legendary dish.IMG_9413Hotate in Prawn Bisque Fresh firm scallop but it was the delicious rich broth that got me slurping!IMG_7443Steamed Chilean Seabass Only steam the freshest fish! I can’t imagine the bass swimming prior to landing on my plate but it was nonetheless one fresh piece of loin. The accompanying sauce is light and savory and did not overwhelm the natural sweetness of the fish. Its a good fish but lacks creativity… just a tad lackadaisical after all the fancy-ier ones before.IMG_7449Crackling Pork Belly with Tagliatelle in Dark Soy Sauce Good job with the crackling. I would have preferred a leaner cut of belly. Pasta with dark soy sauce? Hmm.. are we running outta ideas here? :-0 IMG_7448Crab Zosui Japanese style porridge in a light sweet seafood broth. Comfort food is always welcomed! This was light yet flavorful. IMG_7427Mizayaki Wagyu Beef Bibimbap If you’re a fan of fatty wagyu, check this baby out! This plump chunk is d’bomb! The spicy bibimbap rice balances out the fatty juices and lends a little kimchi pop!IMG_7444Dessert of the day was Creme Brûlée and theirs was decently made. Safe favorite to end a meal.IMG_7429Dstllry’s Omakase menu changes regularly. It’s surely an interesting venue to try some creative culinary. And if time does not permit a long 10-course dinner, drop by for lunch and savor their rice bowl set luncheons instead.DS Lunch (4)DS Lunch (6)The Barachirashi Don and Unigi Don were both generously topped and delicious. Unfortunately the accompanying starters were unexciting (coleslaw ) and bland (soup). IMG_746010-course can be a long meal. Wriggle a little and stretch abit after the 4th dish…the tiny, backless counter stools are not the most comfortable but its fun watching your meal materialize before your eyes. IMG_7463And while you’re here, you gotta check the bar out. Red is the celebrity mixologist helming the bar at Dstllry. And this soft spoken dashing young lad does not hold back his creativity! This evening, he made us 2 cocktails, his version of a Bloody Mary and another, an untitled cocktail.IMG_9414Done in all seriousness and taking a good 10 minutes, these drinks that tease all senses from sight, scent and taste were quite an experience. It is a joy engaging Red on cocktail tête–à–tête then watching him work his magic.IMG_9415Have an open mind when you order a cocktail and no, don’t down it in one gulp! Take time and delight in every sip, every ingredient and every aroma that’s in the glass. You’ll be hooked 😉!IMG_7457Dstllry is art the moment you step in. Its an uber-cool restaurant bar set in a dark room. Oh yes, it is dark!DS Lunch (1)Photography fills the room and there were some pretty neat camera skills going on. Its definitely a nice touch even if one is not into photography.

I’m sure we’ve all been places where fusion gets a little too weird, or salted egg is used in… like… everything! Sigh… this salted egg craze (*shakes head)… but that’s another story! Thankfully, as much as I love thy salted egg, here at Dstllry, none is in sight (at least not for tonight) and the 10-course Omakase was well executed, easy on the palate and totally pleasant.

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DSTLLRY  @ 21 Media Circle, #01-01, Infinite Studios, Singapore 138562

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post

Update 04 September 2018.. Dstllry has ceased operations.

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