Lan Ting’s Dim Sum is Worth Waking Up For



Just about 2 weeks back, Lan Ting added everyone’s favorite lunch item to their repertoire. Dim Sum is now being served daily at this 3-month old modern Chinese restaurant along East Coast Road. And if you find yourself up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning? Head there for an early dim sum breakfast as the chefs start kneading and rolling at 8am every weekend. Despite a conservative menu, they’ve got all the basics covered and promised to roll out more varieties in the coming months. Every single item from dumpling to bun to noodles is freshly handmade in-house. Ingredients are tip top and flavors are on point.  My favorites after the first trial are the Pan-Fried Radish Cake, followed by the Scallop dumplings and Beef Tendon noodles.IMG_4303The Radish cake is crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Some might prefer the firmer texture which gives more bite, but I’ve always enjoyed the soft version and Lan Ting’s fluffy pillowy cake suits me just fine. IMG_4299The Steamed Prawn Dumpling with Fresh Scallop was not only intricately wrapped, it was fresh, sweet and juicy. Containing both prawn and scallop and topped with ebiko for that burst of flavor in the mouth.IMG_4259Having tasted some pretty rocking beef tendons, I must say Lan Ting’s done a good job with theirs in comparison. Tendons are braised to a T… Tender, tasty and toothy for that good springy bite! The savory braising liquid coated and seasoned the hand pulled noodles nicely. Made like Tagliatelle (or Mee Pok) the noodles aren’t overly starchy…and  gave a soft yet firm bite.IMG_4298Instead of the usual Century Egg Porridge, we decided to try the Cod Fish Congee. Turned out to be a nice change. The clear congee was smooth and fine whilst the chunky cod fish pieces were fresh and firm.IMG_4279The house special,  Xiao Long Bao packs a good spoonful of broth which held up nicely within the dumpling. It has a translucent thin skin that wasn’t chewy and the meat filling was well seasoned. Have it with or without the accompanying ginger vinaigrette. Good either way😃

Now comes the darling… The Volcanic Lava Mushroom Bun is Lau Sha Bao (salted egg custard bun) disguised as a mushroom! This is as yummy as it is novel. As the name goes, the soft fluffy bun held a lava of golden liquidy salted egg filling that oozes over as you pinch it open. It is perfectly sweet and savory and not so over-steamed you burn your lips licking it! This is a hit with both kids and adults and a must order whether to start or end the meal!

Other usual suspects like Char Siu Bao, Gyoza, Har Gow, Chicken feet and Siew Mai are also on the menu. And a number of different noodles are available too.IMG_4297But however much you eat, leave room for the Mango Snowy Mochi. This bad boy disguised as Snow White is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! The Mochi is soft and sticky, the mango within, sweet and juicy. The best part? Its icy cold! Every bite sends chills down your throat… in a wonderful tingling way! One portion contains 3 precious balls. Trust me, you’d want all 3 to yourself!IMG_4618I’m glad Lan Ting has included dim sum on the lunch menu. There aren’t many good dim sum places in the east and I’d bet it’d be popular with pre and post flight passengers as well as families living in the area. IMG_4617Check out Chef Mo’s Xiao Long Bao making skills!

Lan Ting Cuisine & Wine @ 01-02 Springvale, 907 East Coast Road, Singapore 459107

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. 

Update 27th August 2017 – Sadly, Lan Ting has ceased operations. 

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