Dinner on a Kelong? Checked!

When a good friend recommended dinner on a floating restaurant, I signed up without hesitation! We city dwellers are suckers for unconventional stuff like these. Call ahead for a table (there are only 4) and boat transfers (payable) from Changi Ferry Point. We took off just before six in the evening and caught a glimpse of the beautiful sunset on board. The family-run Uncle Tan Kelong Restaurant is as wholesome as you can get. Upon arriving, we hopped on the floating woodenplatforms and into what appears to be the Tan’s simple living area filled with the same basics you’ll find in any flat, albeit a bit more retro! TV, couch, refrigerator, photographs on the wall and Mrs Tan herself, propped on her favorite chair soaking in her daily evening Chinese drama. A small kitchen follows… it did not look promising 😥… but alas, it cooked up a storm and a tableful of fresh seafood done in every method possible! This is no frills dining… but the Tans are cool with whatever you decide to BYO! So we brought our own wines, wine glasses, Colas, table cloths, candlelight and even music! Be prepared to wait a little bit for your food… I did say it was a small kitchen! It was a full house 😀 but we were lucky to snag a table by the edge. The humid evening did not dampen our spirits though we silently wished we had also brought along a fan 😁!

Dinner kicked off with Steamed Grouper Teochew Style. Don’t let that monstrosity of a snarl scare you! This bad boy was sweet, tender and juicy from head to tail!

A typical local favorite, the Deep Fried Prawn Rolls were delectable! Filled with flavorful minced pork and crunchy water chestnut bits and fried to a crisp. Gone in a flash!

Wasn’t too impressed with this Fish Tofu which tasted suspiciously close to the ones I get from the processed food freezer at the supermarket! It’d probably still be a hit among kids!?

These big fat prawns probably just got out of the water and into the pot! Firm, fresh, sweet and juicy with strong flavors of ginger and Chinese wine! Delicious!

Assam Chicken- A whole tender chicken is cooked in a spicy sour Assam blend till fork tender.

Who doesn’t love fried food!? This Asian styled Calamari packed a sweet, salty punch. The squids were plump and springy…and yes, fresh (duh!)

These spicy Baby Clams had most of us getting our fingers dirty!

Don’t forget your daily greens!

 I’d have to confess I’m just too lazy to go through all that work for such little payback. And these skinny flower crabs take the hat in minimal payback! Still, I took one for the blog and I must say, the precious slivers of meat were indeed sweet. So if you enjoy all that cracking, poking and digging, this could be rewarding for you!

Spicy Sambal Kang Kong.. a regular at Singapore restaurants!

One more prawn dish for the road. Curry Prawns… unconventional and for me, a shame to musk the natural sweetness of the fresh-as-hell prawns in all that curry powder!
The food at Uncle Tan’s were reasonably well cooked..can’t say I was blown away. Some I’d definitely order again (read- Steamed fish, Fried Calamari!) and some, perhaps not. But what an awesome experience! I won’t take the next boat out to Uncle Tan’s tomorrow…but it will be at the top of my list on where to bring my guests from outta town!

Watch the sun set before tucking in to dinner!

Uncle Tan Kelong @ 12 Pulau Ubin Singapore 534667 Phone: 8142-2223.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post.

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