Despite the huuuuge signboard, we almost couldnt find Mee Sapam! 

Unless you’re coming from the airport, this place is SERIOUSLY far! More than an hour on our scooter, that’s about how long it took us! At first we could not even find it (as they had moved from their previous location) but a last attempt (after seeking help from a drink vendor) and there it stood, about a kilometer behind us across the street! We were grateful to finally sit down and succumbed to everything the waitress recommended! Restaurant Mee Sapam is as local as one can get. Not a single foreigner in sight. We barely passed with our now tanned skin from the scorching Phuket sun on our bike!

The photo-filled menu makes it easy to order. There isn’t a whole lot of dishes but everything from starters to desserts all looked incredibly yummy!

The ordinary, almost plain looking spring roll turned out better than it looked!

We started with some freshly made Crab Meat Spring Rolls. I was a little disappointed that it didn’t look quite as attractive as it did on the menu. But looks aside, these crab meat filled rolls were pretty darn good! Pop the whole piece in your mouth to savor every drop of juicy crabmeat and crunchy vegetables.

Almost missed out on this aromatic baby!

The Steamed Curry Fish looked suspiciously like Otah (something we commonly ate back home in Singapore). We were ready to give it a miss, but our server persisted twice and again! So we ordered it… and absolutely no regrets! Yes, it’s pretty similar to Otah, which is minced fish meat seasoned with spices and coconut milk, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed into a firm tender cake. But instead of a firm texture like Otah, here, you cut into a creamy moussey core. There are small chunks of fish meat; and smells of aromatic lemongrass and rich coconut. Unlike Otah, this is also less spicy, allowing the flavor of the fish and aromatics to shine.

This is what we came for!

The Classic Mee Sapam or Stir Fried Hokkien Mee is a local dish found in every corner of Phuket Town. I used to have a favorite in Phuket Old Town, and continued to go even after they had gone social-media-international, with their jacked up prices and shrunken portions. But now with Mee Sapam, albeit the distance, there’s no reason to go back to the former. Not only is it cheaper, it is waaaay tastier, portion is bigger, and with more ingredients! It is rich with hints of delectable fish sauce, and moist scrambled egg coats the thick springy yellow noodles. Prawns are big and fresh this little mountain of mouth watering goodness sits in a little pool of sweet savory sauce that gets wiped down to the very last drop! The humble noodles make a hearty and satisfying meal!

Goodness gracious! This is not the Oyster Omelette I’m accustomed to!

We finished with Fried Oyster Mee Sapam Style. If you’ve had an Oyster Omelette, this is kinda a deconstructed version. Fresh oysters are stir fried with chives and bean sprouts. The teeny little oysters were surprisingly plump and juicy. Accompanying that, a light crispy cracker crêpe made from a flour and egg batter.

A little bit of everything in one mouthful!

Imagine, in your mouth, juicy oysters, chivey vegetables, crunchy crêpe, topped with a dash of sweet chili sauce. It’s not the oyster omelette we grew up with but it’s definitely something I’d like to indulge in every chance I get!

Bigger than usual meat skewers.
What’s she frying? Smells so good!

We were so stuffed and had to give the other tantalizing dishes a miss but have promised ourselves to return for them! Freshly grilled Satay is one of their specialties. Look at the size of the meat on those skewers! I couldnt help drooling over the deep fried platter the young chef was preparing. It smelled heavenly!

The casual eatery opens early and wraps up by 4 o’clock in the afternoon. Its a popular spot for locals and packs quite a crowd during lunch hours. So be warned!

MEE SAPAM @ 56/8,65/24 Thepkrasatree Rd, Tambon Ko Karo, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000 Thailand. Phone: +66 76377595

Disclaimer- Thai is not a sponsored post.

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