I really wanted Burger Labo to work out. Purely cuz I haven’t had a good burger in a long while. I held high hopes, knowing it is the brainchild of the same people behind Naked Finn, and I had a most memorable meal at Naked Finn.

There are 2 sittings at Burger Labo. Changing my 6.30pm booking to 8.30pm also meant losing my (preferred) indoor table. Arriving earlier than the appointed time didn’t help. Neither did badgering the staff every 5 minutes (guilty as charged!)! The small establishment that seats barely 15 people was fully booked. Outdoor, it is 😦

We ordered their 2 bestsellers, as recommended by our server. And a couple of their house wines, which I’d pass, the next time. Our burgers arrived about 20 minutes later, a sign that it’s freshly cooked to order. And each burger came with a mountain of truffle fries (yay!).

Basic Burger – 150g / 300g $25 / $32 Blend of 100% grass-fed Aberdeen Angus (Argentina) & Kuroge Washu from Toriyama Umami Wagyu (Japan) A4 patty, grilled a la plancha. Topped with red onions pickled in IPA, American cheese, wagyu fats and house-made shio kombu mayonnaise-based sauce. Sandwiched in a toasted bun baked specially for us by Bakery Brera. Served with shoestring truffle fries topped with grated Parmesan cheese.

First off, the Basic Burger. Basic but extra tall thanks to the upsize. It has all the elements of a basic burger, except ketchup, which they serve separately in sachets. Best decision ever, DOUBLE PATTIES. You can tell they took full advantage of their plancha, judging from the perfect searing, which formed a crisp ‘skin’, sealing in the fatty juiciness of the patty. The meat is very beefy and moist. Could this near perfectness be the result of the in-breeding of 2 types of beef used? Me think so.

I couldn’t make out the kombu in the mayo-based sauce but whatever’s in there was spot on. It was a little tangy, not overly rich and added just the right amount of creaminess. Then comes the onions; Sweet, juicy and zingy. So good I didn’t miss the pickle, or the lack of it! The cheese, though, was quite subtle. But as much as I love a cheesy burger, this was quite sufficient.

Buns by Bakery Brera

Good buns are so important in a burger. I personally use the beautiful brioche buns from Bakery Brera ever since I discovered them and I was super stoked to find out, so does Burger Labo. I love how soft and fluffy they are, plus they’re not overly buttery and thick. I don’t usually finish the buns in a burger, there’s just too much bread. I did devour the entire burger here!

Blue cod fillet Burger – 80g / 160g $22 / $28 Deep-fried breaded line-caught blue cod (Parapersis colias) fillet from New Zealand. Topped with American cheese and shio kombu mayonnaise with smashed avocado and chopped pickles. Sandwiched in a warm toasted bun baked specially for us by Bakery Brera. Served with shoestring truffle fries topped with grated Parmesan cheese. • Add $5 for an aji fry fillet (highly recommended).

I was quite set on the chicken burger since I’ve repeatedly read good reviews for it and seen how good it looks. But the fish burger was recommended instead by our server and she particularly stressed how much better it’d be with the Aji fry add-on. So Blue Cod Fillet Burger with Aji Fry it was.

Despite the extended list of condiments and ingredients, you could only clearly see the buns and the fish! The rest is a mishmash of everything else. Dive right in and just make sure you have every element in one mouthful. You get flashes of what’s in it as you reach out for the menu to confirm! Yea, that’s the umami kombu they promised! Right there in the creamy, tangy relish-tartare-sauce built-in with buttery avocado! That is a topping I’d slap on anything and it’ll taste good! The cod fillet was beautifully fried. A good crispy crust with soft, flakey moist meat on the inside. Very lightly seasoned, if any at all.

What a great sauce!

About the extra five bucks I paid for? The fried Aji (Japanese Mackerel) had a firmer texture from the soft cod. So it added bite to the burger. No regrets getting it but the burger would still have been phenomenal without it.

Don’t get me started on the fries. What can I say, except they were pretty damn good! And a generous portion too. Fresh out of the fryer, piping hot, cheesy salty and trufflelicious! Unless you’re a fries monster, what’s on your plate is very adequate.

Two down, three to go!

I’m not the biggest burger fan and don’t typically venture out specially for burgers. Most of the ones I’ve tried are alright; edible, but not so much memorable. Burger Labo is pretty much at the top for me right now. I say that cuz I would like to go back and try the other burgers (yes, the chicken one!) on the menu and I don’t normally think about going back to the same restaurant, much less a burger joint. This should mean something….

BURGER LABO @ Block 41 Malan Road, Gillman Barracks Singapore 109454 Phone : +65 6694 0940

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.

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