Coincidentally, Aura and I crossed paths just when I was toying with the idea of starting a recipe sharing column on the blog! I guess the time is now!

I’ve always used an industrial blender in my kitchen. It is strong, powerful and reliable! However, it is way too big for test recipes and small portions, like when I’m just cooking for 2 persons (or less). And with the wide selection of small sized portable blenders in the market, picking the right one was certainly tricky.

The best thing about the Aura blender for me is its wireless feature. One full charge lasted me a good week of daily blending. One-button function can’t get anymore user-friendly!

Unboxing The Aura Blender

I’ve got loads of ideas with a blender. But the following are my absolute favorites, and the ones I make the most. First up, some Ice Cream, or rather Nice Cream, that’s quick, healthy and super delicious! And the variations are endless! Here are my 3 faves because I ALWAYS have these ingredients in my pantry!

Nice Cream made easy with The Aura Blender!

NICE CREAM – Never thought you could make your own ice cream at home? Well here’s your chance to whip up an easy “ice cream” that uses just Frozen Bananas and Fresh Milk!

Nice Cream & Peanut Butter can’t go wrong!

PEANUT BUTTER NICE CREAM – Add a big tablespoonful of your favorite peanut butter for a nutty Nice Cream! Frozen Bananas + Fresh Milk + Peanut Butter (Creamy or crunchy)

Biscoff Nice Cream …. you’d want seconds!

BISCOFF NICE CREAM – My weakness, Biscoff! In any form! But blended in with Nice Cream is an absolute treat! Frozen Bananas + Fresh Milk + Biscoff Spread

As you can see, the basic Nice Cream uses just bananas and milk. So throw in anything you fancy, from fruits to jams, nuts or even alcohol. Just make sure your bananas are ripe, sliced thinly (about 1cm), and most importantly, frozen! What I like about Nice Creams is I can eat them straight right after blending like a soft serve. And Aura does a great job in blending it really smooth. Or I could freeze it (minimum 2 hours) to get a firm ice cream texture. Sometimes I stir in nuts or dried fruits after blending for crunch and texture. They are absolutely delicious to eat and take mere minutes to make with The Aura Blender!

Needless to say, the Aura makes making Smoothies a breeze. I’ve experimented with all kinds of fruits, milks, ice creams and even herbs. But I keep going back to these…

Mango Colada

MANGO COLADA – Fresh Mango + Lime Juice + Ice Cubes + Coconut Milk

Start by blending the mango with a twist of lime juice. Add ice cubes and blend further to crush. You could blend in the coconut milk at the same time, but I personally prefer to drizzle it on top before drinking. Options: Try adding mint leaves for a refreshing flavor. Or shot of Vodka for a little kick!

Pineapple Crush

PINEAPPLE CRUSH – Pineapple (Fresh or Frozen) + Coconut water + Milk + Sugar

This is my go-to recipe to salvage pineapple that’s too sour too eat! I love that the sugar crystals stay somewhat intact, so I get a popping crunch in my drink! Of course you could add sugar syrup or honey if crunchy sugar is not your cuppa tea. Milk is optional if you preferred a non-creamy version.

I’ve successfully blended some avocado shakes with the Aura using just avocado and almond milk. It’s super healthy and gives me the energy I need for the day. So, I decided to take it to the next step and make a savory salad dressing I swear by.

Avocado Dressing

AVOCADO DRESSING – Ripe Avocado + Lime Juice + Extra Virgin Olive Oil + Sour Cream + Garlic + Coconut Water, Salt & Black Pepper

The best part about this recipe is everything goes in at the same time! Add less coconut water for a thicker, creamier texture; and more for a runnier consistency. Use it as a dressing or as a dip for nachos. Both incredibly tasty!

Just a teeny bit of dishwashing liquid and a quick whizzzz!

The Aura Portable Blender has certainly stepped up to my requirements. And it is way easier to whip out and blend compared to my huge, heavy industrial blender. It also doesn’t heat up like some other portable food processors. It blends ice cubes pretty efficiently, and it’s easy to clean. Though I have not used it on the go before, I can totally see it going on vacations with me in its very own insulated sleeve . And yes, I’ve tested, so you don’t need to… The blender does not leak!

Take the Aura Blender with you anywhere with its very own insulation sleeve.

Disclaimer ~ This is a collaboration between Aura and Fatsochef.

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