About us

Welcome to fatsochef.com

How Fatsochef began…

Fatsochef was launched in 2016 after a badly defeated “Foodie Group” blogging attempt! Yep, unfortunately, sometimes it takes a colossal screwup to get things into perspective… the trick is to stay positive and keep on rolling! So there, I went solo and never looked back!

What Fatsochef’s about…

Anyway just a quick intro into how i choose my topics… Essentially my eccentric, bloodhound psyche steers me to write only about culinary moments that stick in my head, and keeps me salivating way after I had brushed my teeth and gone to bed..

The fact that I can still taste the food days after the indulgence affair tells me the experience is worth writing about…

Here, on my site, I use my best eloquence to transform my most vivid memories into words that, I hope, will accurately stimulate your palates, as it did mine…

Who is Fatsochef..

I’ve dabbled in music in my childhood, fashion in my youth and cooking the rest of the time and in-between. Loved scuba diving from day one, cried the first time I was on skis…but these are now insane obsessions…!

Catch a chick in a badass bandana, working a fiery wok whilst JT grooves my moves.., that’d be me!

Sign up to follow my site or stalk me on Instagram! It’s all good! In any case , I thank you for reading all the way here… That’s really cool, and I’d truly appreciate you!


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