White Restaurant- The Fairest of Them All

IMG_6423Finally checked out the famous Sembawang White Bee Hoon. Thanks to smart planning (aka avoid lunch and dinner hours 😄) I needn’t endure the infamous long queues. Service was friendly enough and the restaurant is bright, airy and clean. But now to the main event!IMG_6429Hmm.. It didn’t look too exciting. Almost like something anyone with basic cooking skills could whip up at home. But here’s the catch, can one whip up that rich fragrant broth that makes this pale looking dish a star! Yep! It is the accompanying gravy the bee hoon’s drowning in that’s oh-so-yummy! I scraped the plate dry of this delicious loaded broth. Every sweet robust seafoody umami drop! Oh, and don’t even think to leave out the lime! They work heavenly together!IMG_6034The good size prawns and squid slices were fresh and firm. And if you’re not into seafood, you could request for the sliced pork version. For a change, and extra bite,  I liked the way the eggs were scrambled into small chunks instead of the usual egg drop (æŧ‘蛋) style. Granted.. the wok hei (heat) is weak, but it isn’t missing. Anyway, being simmered, I’m not sure if one could achieve a wok hei any higher. There are many White Bee Hoon wannabes out there, some upscaled with crayfish and scallops, but their taste fare way below the original. Well.. until I discover a worthy challenger, I’ll be coming back to Sembawang 😉!

Bittergourd Omelette č‹Ķį“œč›‹  ($7 / $10) I love bittergourd. Our young server’s recommendation of the wet version over the usual dry omelette was well received. The bittergourd was firm to the bite and bore just a tinge of tingling bitter taste. The soft smooth egg gravy would be great over steamed white rice!

The popular house special, Meat & Seafood Roll č™ūæžĢ (Small $10; Medium $15, Large $20) didn’t disappoint. The roll was packed tightly with fresh minced meat which was tender and flavorful.

Sweet Potato Leaves į•Šč–Ŋåķ (Small $8, Medium $12, Large $16) This was fiery with bits of dried shrimps and was visable at many tables. Obviously a popular choice with diners!

White Restaurant @ 22 Jln Tampang, Singapore 758966

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