Huber’s Butchery

img_8115Huber Sundays.. My weekly affair with this one-stop butchery cum deli cum grocery store cum cafe has been going on for more than a year now. At the home of @fatsochef, where dinner is frequently a charcuterie platter of our favorite cold cuts and cheeses, we need a “supplier” that’s consistent with their supply and quality and Huber’s fits the bill hands down. If you think meats are all you can get here, you’re be in for a big surprise! There’s chocolate, bread, wine, sauces, dips and even magazines! But we are diehards for their irresistible array of cold meats and cheeses. img_7803Top on my list is my can’t-live-without Beef Tongue. Soft, tender and succulent. Subtle beefy flavor that’s good on its own, yummy with mustard and delish with balsamic glaze. My must-have on the board! lorelynJamòn Iberico vs Jamòn Serrano Huber has a beautifully aged (despite young, 3 years) Iberico. The flavor melts in your mouth … it begins strong, aromatic and robust and climaxes smooth and oily. I enjoy Iberico but find it a little heavy after a few slices. So a great alternative to the Iberico is the Serrano.It is subtly oily, well flavored with a slight chew. Slight marbling providing moisture and tenderness. Not too salty and not as rich as her rock star sister. You can eat a lot more of this, literally, since it’s easier on the palate and less expensive too!My never-fail Black Forest Raw Ham is a beautiful salty cured meat. Just a thin strip of fat, barely oily, yet so moist and so tender. It’s is dry cured, air dried and naturally wood smoked to perfection. This pork leg meat goes on everything wonderfully… bread, salads, and of course, on its own.My regular server, Lorelyn, has her personal favourite, Swiss Farmer Raw. This deceivingly pale looking meat is in fact strong and salty, and a little dryer in texture. Apart from the thin strip of fat around the edge, the meat is very lean, rather dry and feels almost a little rough on the tongue. I like to tear this up with my fingers and snack on them like pork jerky with some red. It’s a good TV snack, no oily fingers 🙌🏻!Aus Prosciutto Casalingo This dependable option has a teeny strip of fat, medium saltiness and just a slight bite to it. Great with olives. Most people take to it at first taste… so, a good choice if you’re hosting and need a crowd pleaser.The Culatello is a popular choice for us too. A favorite with the Italians, this cured meat from their homeland packs a flavor that’s lusciously light, very tender and very appetizing…thus, very addictive as well! Unstoppable …  you think its your last piece and you pick another up!  Though we like to stock up on this one as it runs out really quick, it is best when freshly sliced! Other usual suspects include Parma, Prosciutto, Mortadella, all sorts of meat loaves and endless rolls of Salami in every flavor possible. The choices are boundless!

One of my preferred liver mousse for its lighter taste and creamy texture.
For a change, I sometimes opt for some chilled aspic. This pork knuckle jelly has good meat-jelly ratio and is light on the palate.
A little stronger than the Farmer Liver Sausage for those who prefer a richer flavor.
Amazing range of everything!
Huber makes their Rilettes in house. There’s Pork and Duck Rilettes and are superb with toasts. Though the label says “eat cold”, a quick nuke in the microwave makes a great warm sandwich.
Just one of the many home made dips available!
The restaurant cafe at Huber’s is a popular choice for families,what with the large outdoor play area, fresh air and Singapore’s sunshine!
Meet Huber Cow at the door and know what you’re buying before heading to the huuuuge butchery area on level on 1!
Huber’sButchery @ 22 Dempsey Road Singapore 249679 Phone: 6737 1588

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.







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