Kuro Maguro… Where to Get your Toro Fix!

Kuro Maguro stirred quite a hype with their Grand Opening’s 3-days-only promotion entitling diners to a 50% discount off its Otoro Menshi Donburi. Many returned the generous token with praises of high standards and quality food received at the 32-seater. Maguro specialist wholesaler turned restaurateur translates “Finally, some fatty tuna at wholesale price?!” Located within the business district on Wallace Street, this small restaurant as expected, attracts a full house daily over lunch hours. We tried our luck and swiftly scored a table for dinner on a Friday evening. The restaurant was surprisingly empty.. serving just 3 other groups. The menu is small and revolves around their prized Maguro. There are cuts that vary from lean, medium, medium fatty to fatty; collar to lower belly to mid belly to premium belly to tail! Its like a page off some book on anatomy! Bottom line, every cut is unique in its individual way… so take time to savor every piece in your mouth (yes, like wine😀). We went with all the house specials, some limited seasonal fish, some raw, some braised, some frozen and some grilled… and they were all good. Freshness guaranteed. Quality controlled. Quantity decent. Not to mention the friendly service we received! Let’s dive right in!

Omakase 5-cut Sashimi, plus a whole Mackerel (seasonal). If you haven’t tried Mackerel sashimi, (since most restaurants grill this lean fish), you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise!
Maguro 5-cut Sashimi- Different cuts, different textures. So fresh, you accompany with as little shoyu as possible, if any at all.
Braised Tuna Collar- This humble looking braised fish is delightfully soft and tender. The braising liquid is sweet, savory and fragrant; the grated radish complimented with a fresh chivey taste.
“I’ll have what she’s having” so goes the famous quote from When Harry Met Sally. A fried shrimp dish we nosily spied at a neighboring table and couldn’t resist missing out! Turned out the sweet fresh prawns, though small, were pretty fantastic!
Kiwami Meshi- The creme de la creme of all rice bowls on the menu features some deliciously fresh sashimi ranging from otoros, chutoros, ebi, uni, ikura and sake. And that rice!!
I love Kama Yakis and Kuro’s GIANT collar hit all the right notes! Fresh, juicy, flavorful, meaty and perfectly grilled!
Kuro Maguro has a small but decent range of Sakes. The only thing missing are regular small hot Sake cups. Nonetheless, we happy clinked away in improvised laaarge teacups!
No filter here! Can you see the glistening awesomeness in the otoro?
The melt-in-your-mouth buttery frozen toro.
A quiet weekend dinner. Kuro Maguro seats just around 30 people  including the counter where you could see the chefs in action.
Kuro Maguro @ 7 Wallich Street, #01-04, Singapore 078884 Phone: 63868561

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.



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