Thai Tantric Thrills

Thai Tantric’s seedy location may ward off many people but overcome that and you’re in for a value-for-money delicious Thai meal!The squeezy basic restaurant is tucked away in a corner on level 3 of Orchard Towers in Singapore… a building notorious for its shady tenants (go-go bars, exotic massage parlors, sex toy shops… you get the gist!) rather than its fine culinare! Nevertheless, Thai Tantric (gosh the name makes me blush ☺️!) is quite a (porn)star in her own right. The tiny kitchen cooks up some pretty aroy* stuff! Nothing exotic nor sexy…. Just good old Thai classics!🐓 Tom Kha Gai- My favorite and my must-order at all Thai restaurants! A coconut based chicken soup. I like this done in a particular way that even some places in Thailand screw up.. usually with too much coconut cream. Thai Tantric makes theirs very much the way I like it. A good amount of coconut cream for a mild nutty flavor, with a good dose of lemongrass and lime leaves for that beautiful zest! The soup becomes extremely appetizing, savory, sour and creamy all at the same time. You could drown your rice in this or take it on its own. The chicken isn’t overcooked.. and lots of fresh mushrooms and tomatoes to compliment. Thai Tantric nailed this for me! I absolutely love it! 🍤Tom Yum Goong- can’t do Thai without the mandatory Tom Yum Goong. You could order this clear or creamy (made with milk). Our clear version hadn’t a hint of spiciness in aesthetics but packed a punch! Loaded with many medium sized prawns in a pot that serves 4 comfortably. 🐷Crispy Pork Belly- Highly recommended by my pal.. her go-to dish did not disappoint. The ordinary looking deep fried pork belly cutlet was spot-on on seasoning. Super flavorful, crispy and tender. Not one bit oily though a fatty cut is used. Nice 👍🏻!🐖 Deep Fried Pork with Garlic & Pepper- Recommended by our server but this did not score. Too dry, too hard. 🥗 Raw Prawn Salad – Another Thai dish we love. The medium sized prawns were cleaned very well. Tasted fresh and firm. The marinade was delicious! Not overly spicy while not compromising on lime juice and fish sauce. I love the generous amount of fresh garlic and veggies thrown in.. gives every mouthful a refreshing crunch and a little garlicky kick. 🦑 Squid Salad- Gosh! Another winner! I found myself picking on this even though it got a little too spicy after the second bite! Sweet tender squid and crisp greens in a typical Thai spicy sour dressing. The squids are fresh and springy with bite. Whatever sorcery’s in that perfect dressing is wonderful!🐟Steamed Sea Bass in Soy Sauce- Fresh despite not being a live fish. Succulent meat, tasty sauce and a good size for our party of 5. 💚 Green Curry Chicken- on almost every table! This mildly spicy curry caused serious damage to my low carb diet 😓! Tender chicken fillets and bits of eggplant swim in a semi-creamy coconut gravy! A little sweet, a little spicy, a little coconutty and lotsa curry gravy to pour over your rice! A happy meal on its own!🌱Kang Kong with Garlic – The mandatory veggie dish was perfectly stir fried water convolvulus in garlic. Tender leaves and shoots in a beautiful fragrant garlicky sauce.  🦐🐟🦑 Pad Woon Sen- There are many rice and noodle stir fries to choose from. Having spotted one delicious looking Pad Woon Sen stride pass us, it was a no brainer! The glass noodles were cooked expertly. And despite the shoddy plating… flavor, freshness and texture were faultless. 🍹 Where beverages are concerned, most of their homemade Thai teas were alright. I liked that they weren’t too sweet nor milky which would clash with the meal.

The long, deserted corridor that leads to hot and spicy tantrics! 
Thai Tantric certainly isn’t where you’d head for a special date night, neither would it be on your list when meeting the parents. But bring a bunch of besties for a guaranteed satisfying home style Thai meal that will not break the bank. Beware where you head for drinks after dinner though cuz the bars in the same building are anything but homestyle!

Thai Tantric Restaurant @ 400 Orchard Road #03-23 Orchard Towers Singapore 238875 Phone: 9866 9841

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post. 

🙏🏼 Thank you Stuna for showing us this great little Thai paradise🌈

*aroy – delicious

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