Sure, there’re dozens of Souvlaki joints you could get an authentic gyro or kebab, but here at Savvas, you could have it in friendly, relaxed comfort with a view to kill!

The Acropolis at night is even more mesmerizing!

Of course I’m talking about the Acropolis. Call in and clinch a table on the rooftop garden by the “window” before sunset, so you could, (1) take a million photos of the majestic monument in daylight and (2) another million when night falls and the monument light ups. And at the same time, enjoy some superb dishes from their gorgeous menu. And when I say gorgeous, I mean you can’t resist ordering everything on it! We started with a Merlot and couldn’t resist tasting some local poison, Tsipouro Zitsa, both Greek, and very affordable, and the second, very potent! But that’s a story for another day (or not!)

As if reading my mind, our server recommended every item I eyed on the menu. The Falafel Platter, The Savvas Assortment and a portion Tzatziki. Portions were generous. We unbuckled and cleaned out as much as we could; not just because we hate wastage but the food was just too good, we couldn’t stop!!Every falafel I’ve had in my life had vanished into non-existence after one of Savvas’ tightly packed balls! They are moist and flavorful with lovely hints of herbs and a teeny crunch. Take it on it’s own or with the equally amazing hummus or creamy eggplant dips. Top it with some zesty tabouleh and head straight to falafel heaven! Even the Pita bread was exceptionally fluffy and soft. Normally I’d give the bread a miss to conserve stomach space but one bite was all it took for me to cave! Yes, I’m easy that way!

The Savvas Platter was a mix of 4 different meats,. You’re right, it looks rather ordinary here… but, the shaved pork, beef and chicken were all absolutely fantastic. Smokey, juicy and tender, and perfectly charred at all the right places. The veal kebab was succulent to the core! It was big on herbs and spice in every bite, but not overpowering. Spread a bit of Tzatziki on everything, just because it’s so dang good! The cold refreshing creamy yogurt on salty warm grilled meat is just heavenly!img_5164Service at Savvas is equally impressive. Everyone is happy and smiling whether they’re just walking past or dropping by to check on you. We were so stuffed at the end of our meal we could barely walk. It was beautiful weather the evening we were there. The view from the rooftop was magnificent and the food was supreme!

Sure I’d say don’t miss out on the many old-school kiosks around the city that make some of the country’s best kebabs and souvlakis but Savvas is definitely worth a visit if you’re in central Monastiraki and need to rest up, booze up, feast up and soak up some of the best Greece has to offer.

Take a peek and a sniff at the open kitchen as you enter Savvas along busy Ermou Street.
Our view of the Acropolis before sunset.

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The menu is irresistibly attractively and  makes ordering very stressful!

The pita bread screams FRESH!
The falafels were packed with flavour and texture!
The Falafel platter included 2 kinds of dips, refreshing Tabouleh, fries and pita bread

The Platter of delicious meats, you can’t tell what you’re eating until you put each piece in your mouth and the individual meat flavour will melt on your tongue. You know immediately if its pork, beef or chicken cuz they all shine differently. I highly recommend taking in some crunchy onions with the meats as those were super juicy and sweet!

SAVVAS RESTAURANT @ Ermou 91, Athens, 10555, Greece Phone +30 21 03211167

P.S. So caught up in our joyous and hearty evening at Savvas, we clumsily left behind a wallet filled with… well, ya’know… important shit. Long story short… It was waiting for us in a sealed envelope the next morning when we optimistically returned to try and find it. Now, that warmed my heart. Thank you, Savvas, for a memorable evening! Beautiful view, beautiful food and beautiful people makes a beautiful Greece!

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post!



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