Its hard to stay away…. been returning to Tasteful Cuisine every time I’m in Kuala Lumpur, and it gets better with every visit! I first blogged about this unassuming restaurant 2 years ago and since then, it’s been on my must-go list ever since. They have consistently maintained their standards if not improved. It remains a place favored for a hearty meal for all Cantonese food lovers.

Claypot Lamb Ribs… the deep explosive flavor is out of this world!

My all time favorite, Claypot Lamb Ribs, oh how I’ve missed you! You’re exactly how I remembered you. Your robust flavors laced with aromatic spices still captivates; your rip-apart meat is tender and succulent; your natural lamb gameness … oh its there alright, the taste, the scent, but its complimented so beautifully with the spices, it does not overpower. And buried under all that juicy meat, you’ll find soft nutty bean curd sticks would absorb every bit of the thick savory sauce they could handle. I haven’t found anything that’s remotely close to you! Honestly, gimme some rice and this is a luxurious meal on its own! 5 stars, man! 5 big STARS!!

Deep Fried Soon Hock, a classic Cantonese dish, executed to a T!

The Deep Fried Soon Hock was handsomely executed. Sooo crispy on the outside and sooo succulent inside! The skillful manipulation of heat is simply masterful! The superior soy sauce dressing carries a tinge of sweetness. The meaty wild fish was plump and sweet. None of which compromised by the deep frying. When we were done, there was barely anything left! The fish bones were so crunchy we’d devoured them too! The only gripe was its price tag, which seemed a little high this evening!

Its aesthetics certainly did not do justice to these toothsome ribs!

“They could really do better on the presentation..”, I’d thought to myself when the Pork Ribs arrived. But one bite was all it took to cast away any misgivings! The marinade, a little sweet and savory with hints of black pepper, penetrated each rib deeply, then grilled to perfect tenderness. Soft and smokey with a good toothy bite. Go in with your hands.. these ribs are finger licking good! I do wish they had more meat on them though!!

An unusual combo but boy did it work!

Pre-order this next dish and be wowed! I don’t even know the name of the dish or if it even has one, but here’s what it is anyway. A whole pumpkin, pitted and filled (to the rim!) with sea cucumber, fish maw, black mushrooms and sweet peas; then topped off with crispy prawn balls on the side. All these swimming in a thick brown umami sauce. The pumpkin was fluffy and sweet, contrasting fabulously with the springy sea cucumber, spongy fish maw, crunchy vegetables and crispy golden prawn balls. Seems like a lot going on in this dish. And I’ve never imagined pumpkin and sea cucumber together but what’d you know! It kinda worked!

KL Sang Har Meen ala Crispy Noodles with Giant Prawns smothered in a delectable sauce.

Just our luck giant river prawns were out of stock! Devastated , but still inclined to have their delicious crispy noodles, we agreed to regular prawns instead. But all wasn’t lost. The prawns, though small(er) were super sweet and super fresh. The crispy noodles soaked up the silky smooth egg gravy the way I remembered and adored! This is just one of the many fantastic noodle dishes you gotta wrap the meal up with! Funny… I didn’t quite miss those giant river prawns!

Don’t forget your greens!

And the mandatory veggie dish has got to be the Claypot Water Spinach. You know you’re in for a good thing when they lift the lid and the whiff of fragrant wok hei flies towards you! Fresh crunchy leaves cooked in a prawny sauce with a spicy kick to it. Mind blowing!

Clockwise from left: The incredible fish; The unassuming ribs; The amazing Chef Louis & moi; The perfect wrap to our meal!

To top off the good food, Tasteful Cuisine boasts a team of friendly and accommodating staff, seeing to our needs and fancy! Thank you, all, and especially, Chef Louis, for another epic meal! Cheers to your success!

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.

Tasteful Cuisine 尝聚轩 @ 3, Jalan 32/B, Bandar Menjalara, Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Phone 03-6274-4796

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