When The Good Burger Truck recently popped up in my hood. It was a calling to give the meatless burger a go. Being in the middle of the Covid-19 lockdown, or Circuit Breaker, as we call it in Singapore, eating by the truck wasn’t an option. So I ordered a Black Tie to go.

Now, there were many good things said about this particular burger. In a particular review by a local food blogger, the highlights of the Black Tie were the “crunchy rocket leaves” and “lovely truffle aioli sauce”. Both of which I know would make a difference in my burger; on top of, well, the leading role, the “Beef” patty.

The Black Tie stares back at me from within the takeaway bag.

I excitedly unboxed my burger within a large brown paper bag. A cute little burger and some fries stared back at me. My first thought, what a tiny burger! Perhaps it’s the aerial angle I’m looking at it from? I scooped up the paper plate that held my dinner.. and inspected it. Yep.., it’s a tiny burger alright! I’ll get to the price tag later.

Nonetheless, I was still excited to taste my first Impossible Burger. I looked gleefully for The Highlights. Oh! Hmmm… there they are… Unfortunately, the “crunchy rocket leaves” hung meagerly sad and soggy. Took a bite. The truffle(less) aioli sauce tasted suspiciously like, well, plain old mayo?

But on to the star!

The Impossible meat patty- DOPE!! The texture was creepily identical to beef mince. There’s just a subtle beefy flavor, which I thought was a good thing cuz it really shouldn’t be overly beefy which could be a turn off. If the meat had been pre-seasoned by The Good Burger Chefs, they’ve done a good job with it. Nicely salted without drowning it’s natural flavors. It’s also cooked just nice, retaining good moisture in the patty. Aesthetics wise, it looks convincingly like the real deal meat patty. Kudos to the creators! This is good sh*t! Now if only The Good People at The Good Burger had made a thicker patty. That would do more justice to the delicious meat, and the burger.

Buns were thick, tho!

The anorexic patty was kinda lost in all that bread. They do recommend you “go double patty for the full experience”, which goes to show well… the obvious? That their standard size patty is definitely inadequate. Sure you could add on another slab for $6, but that would be a whopping 24 big bucks for my burger that was small, in every angle. The fries..? Well.. I’m gonna recommend the Onion Rings, even though I haven’t tried them.

The Good Burger operates in a sexy food truck, one of the firsts in Singapore. I love the concept of food trucks serving some mean street grub. The team whipping up your food was friendly, energetic and professional.

Hard to miss the GOODBURGER Food Truck when you drive along Bukit Timah Road.

Right now, the roving truck sits by the corner of Coronation Plaza along Bukit Timah Road. If you haven’t tried The Impossible, you should do it! And if you have six more bucks to spare, yes, go double for the full experience cuz single’s not gonna cut it.

THE GOOD BURGER @ Coronation Shopping Plaza. Phone: 8484 9984

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.

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