Oven & Fried Korean Style Cicken

The Singapore Covid19 Circuit Breaker which started in April, had caused some unbelievable behavior in our people. First, the customary toilet paper frenzy (still can’t understand this one!). Then, unapologetically, Keto dieters started stocking up on rice..! A few weeks in, everyone turned into Michelin chefs and home bakers, causing a shortage in all kinds of flours.

Staying home have converted even the most active humans into couch potatoes! When Netflix decided to stream Korean movies and drama series alongside Hollywood blockbusters, our diets evolved as well! Everyone I know have attempted Ram-don (Thanks to Best Picture, Parasite). The shelves that once held instant noodles, especially the Korean brands, sit empty for days! Social media was swarmed with Ram-dons of all colors, sizes, brands and flavors! Have you made yours?

I was not spared. After watching the romantic, heart warming, teary Crash Landing On You series recently, all I could think of, day and night, is the shiny, crispy, golden Korean Fried Chicken the characters ate in Every. Single. Episode!! That explains the shortage of Korean Fried Chicken powder in the country I’m sure!

SGD42 felt a little steep, i thought…. but it could be worth every dollar!

When my crave did not subside after 16 episodes, I decided to fix it with the best Korean Fried Chicken restaurant in Singapore. Online and off, Oven & Fried came up tops. So without hesitation, I called in to order 2 of their bestsellers, the Crunch Original Boneless Chicken and the Crispy Fried Wings.

The Crunch Original Boneless Chicken, which is oven baked, promises crispy skin and juicy meat.

The Crunch Original Boneless Chicken is seasoned in a mildly peppery bbq-sauce-like marinade. It is then baked in the oven, yielding a crispy, albeit shrunken skin. The boneless chicken thigh meat cutlets were tender and moist. Original means it does not come coated in any kind of sauce, as you might have seen on some Korean Fried Chicken. This was well flavored and perfectly fine on its own.

Crispy Fried Wings were a winner!

The Crispy Fried Wings withstood the 20-minute ride home and remained crunchy and moist up to the very last piece. Unlike the boneless chicken, they were a little lackluster in flavor for me. The 2 little complimentary pots of Korean sauces, one spicy and the other sweet, came in handy; but we did resort to ketchup when the sauces ran out.

Oven & Fried’s top recommendations.

When it comes to fried chicken, it’s gotta be juicy and crispy, crispy, crispy! Oven & Fried has pretty decent Korean fried chicken. It’s both… though I must say I’ve tasted and personally made crispier fried chicken. Unless you wanna do the healthy stuff, go with the fried version! They definitely pack more crunch. Up the flavor with the sauces provided. I didn’t have any, but I could imagine these wings would be so perfect with some ice cold Soju!

Oven & Fried Chicken has 3 branches in Singapore. The Chun Tin Road Branch where i picked up my order was small and cozy. The staff was friendly when taking my order over the phone. I was worried my food would be soggy as it was already waiting when I arrived 10 minutes prior to pickup time. But thankfully, they held up. My 2 half-portions of chicken set me back SGD42. A little pricey, I thought… but it IS rated D’ Best In Town..!

A welcomed treat that came with the chicken. Some pickled diakon palate cleanser!
The boneless chicken thighs, so you don’t need to bother with bones.
The wings aren’t too big but like true KFCs, they are finger lickin’ good!

Oven And Fried Chicken @ 16 Chun Tun Road Singapore 599603 Phone: +65 64633505

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.

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