Quite the exemplar of all things fish at Kyoten Japanese Cuisine in sleepy Tiong Bahru. If you ever thought a locally-run sushi restaurant is any less; Kyoten will surely prove you wrong. Our dinner, curated and hosted by a dear friend, was anything but less

Get ready for a feast for the eyes, nose and tongue! 

The oyster was more than creamy! It was plump and juicy, and straight-from-the-ocean-fresh! And so freakin’ sweet! Unbelievable!
The firefly squid. Soft, tender and springy to the bite. Taste the natural sweet-savoriness of the squid against the light cream sauce and crunchy kombu in one mouthful. 
The abalone, chunkily cut and served in its shell with its very own silky roe raining over it! Abalone has always been overrated in my books. But this one here, was King!
A little crab meatball in clear broth to calm you down. Warm soup to warm your tummies. 
Nothing pleases me as much as fried food! And these ultra crispy baby Sakura shrimps nailed it! Unstoppable!!

The rest of the meal was one delicious fish after another. If you thought the first one melted in your mouth, you’ll be greeted by another. And another. And another. We were presented with texture, bite, butteriness, sweetness and freshness in a flow so endless I gave up working (remembering each fish served and learning it’s individuality), and instead, succumbing to every moment and duration a fish hits my tongue! Think Chutoro, Otoro, Kinmedai, Tai, Kanpachi, Aji, Akami; raw, aburi, grilled; in all colors, all textures, sashimi, sushi, seasoned and straight-up. It was one heck of a fish show!

Of course, it ain’t over til the fat uni sings! 80g of pure grade Bafun, sits precariously on a thin bed of shiny gohan held up by a crunchy sheet of nori. As much I would like to, there was no way I could swaddle the entire uni roll in my mouth, disallowing any flavor and essence to evade me. But each of the broken down 2 giant mouthfuls was equally outrageous! There was a moment of silence as we sat there, uni in mouth, unable (or refusing?) to speak, as we savored every grain of this exoticism! 

The restaurant was full on a Thursday evening. Within the privacy of our room, I could hear’em chefs merry making with an obviously happy crowd. Next time, I will sit at the counter where the action is too!

KYOTEN JAPANESE CUISINE @ 5 Yong Siak Street, Singapore 168643 Phone +65 6223 0213

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post!

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