“We want our customers to feel joy and delight when they receive our cakes…” ~ Jay & Jaelyn

Well, joy & delight was exactly how I felt when I laid eyes on Honeypeachsg’s cakes. And if you browse their website, you’ll find creations from romantic to whimsical to fun. They’ve got everything covered.

Sea Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel Fairies Whole Cake

I couldn’t stop admiring the Sea Salt Chocolate Salted Caramel Fairies Cake, adorned with soft organza trimmings, paper butterflies and fresh roses in the prettiest pastel shades. I immediately thought of a number of reasons for this dreamy creation! Be it the daughter’s birthday, or a wedding anniversary; Valentine’s Day, or simply something for mom…; This is a cake that will put a smile on anybody’s face.

When you strip the cake of its fancy trimmings and flowers (all inedible) , you’ll find an unpretentious, no-nonsense chocolate sponge cake covered simply in freshly-made buttercream; which though thick, isn’t overwhelming. The chocolate sponge was moist and light, and isn’t too sweet. In between, be surprised by crunchy salted caramel pearl biscuit balls, placed strategically in layers to add crunch and flavor in every bite. Though the salty aspect wasn’t very pronounced, the sweet, crunchy feature was a nice touch.

I had let the cake sit out for an hour prior to serving; and as promised, the knife went in effortlessly. The sponge cake wonderfully soft, unlike many tall cakes that tend to be very dense (even after thawing out!). So, definitely make it a point to let the cake climatize a little before tucking in.

On Honeypeachsg’s website, you’ll be spoiled for choice by their wide variety of cupcakes. While some were frosted in traditional pretty swirls in all sorts of colors, flavors and toppings, I had my eyes particularly on the Mahjong Tiles and Mermaid Ombré selections.

Mahjong game on!

As a Mahjong player, I was tickled by a cake disguised as my favorite past-time! And was even more delighted that the tiles are totally edible! They were undoubtedly sweet, having been made out of marzipan… So I’d suggest, a bite of mahjong followed by a bit of cake! My choice of Vanilla Lemon Curd for the cupcake was a smart one…, since the tart lemon flavor helps balance out the sweetness.

The Mermaid Ombré Cupcake is as whimsical as it can get! And it’s delicious too, if you like chocolate, buttercream and white chocolate all in one mouthful! The Double Chocolate cupcake was dark and rich, with a dab of milk chocolate cream in the core (to hold the fish tail in place). The mermaid’s tail is sweet, as expected when made with white chocolate. Beautifully molded like the real McCoy, with every scale intact! And tinted in the sweetest salmon tone too! It snuggles comfortably on the buttercream swirl tinted in ombré shades of the sea. If this enchanting mermaid cupcake could captivate a full grown adult like myself, I can imagine the joy it’d bring to any child!

Honeypeachsg Bakery is the brainchild of Jay and Jaelyn, 2 former students who decided to pursue their love and dreams for baking. What started as an experimental home based business during Covid has now grown into a full fledged central kitchen, with plans to expand into other avenues. Their creativity derived from putting only what’s necessary on the cake so the quality they promise to deliver isn’t compromised.

I applaud their attempt to keep things uncomplicated, and implementing Buttercream frosting, a method used and trusted for many generations, into their modern products. Every bite brings fond nostalgic deliciousness above all the fancy trimmings and decorations. The softness of the moist sponge cake and interesting flavors take center stage instead of loud, unpalatable cake toppers which serve just a single purpose – aesthetics.

If you like the old school taste of silky buttercream over soft moist sponge cake, you will love Honeypeachsg’s bakes. Except you also get an extra special cherry on top, which is the wonderful designs that come with!

Honeypeachsg Bakery @ Taiseng Point 11 Irving Place, #01-01 Singapore 369551. Phone +65 90884932

Disclaimer – This is a collaboration project between Honeypeachsg Bakery and Fatsochef.


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