It was a long drive to PRU at The Trisara… we started out early, hoping to catch the sunset at one of Phuket’s top beach resorts; and the sunset we caught…, along with more….

The sprawling grounds of The Trisara Resort where PRU is located. I’m glad we decided to arrive earlier to soak in the peaceful, relaxed ambience before filling our tummies.

Be transported to a world of pure bliss the moment you step onto the grounds of Trisara Resort. It was a quiet weekday evening during low season the day we visited, and as such we were rewarded with the entire resort to ourselves roam the peaceful lily pond courtyard, beautiful poolside; and the peaceful, scenic beach.

PRU is the first and only Michelin Starred Restaurant in Phuket. Chef Jim Ophorst has been with the restaurant from the beginning. He’s a chef, a farmer and a creator rolled into one! The passion and dedication within him in delivering meals from soil to plate is deeper and grander than I can put into words. In the PRU (Plant. Raise. Understand) kitchen, Chef Jim targets to integrate entirely, local products and ingredients straight from the establishment’s very own Pru Jampa farm or local farms around Phuket.

Before anything else, we were introduced to the stars of the evening. The ingredients which will be used in the evening’s dishes are all sourced within PRU’s own garden and nearby farms. We got to see, feel, smell and touch the familiar and unfamiliar. There was a lot of information to digest but I was very happy to get to know what I would be eating!

Before your meal begins, you are introduced to many, if not all of the ingredients which will be used for your meal. The short show and tell was both interesting and informative.

Our fixed dinner course was one wow factor after another. Not just by appearance but also by all other senses. Many were wildly unique. And we were wildly impressed from start to end.

Here’s my little show and tell on what went on at PRU.

A trio of bite size Snacks… small in size, big in taste!
Best Durian Experience! Chef Jim presents a most delightful surprise… and right up my alley too! Two of my favorite ingredients appearing in the most unexpected way! Roasted Durian and Caviar …. so good, my eyes rolled back in their sockets!
Surat Thani – As a diver, Ive seen my fair share of Corbias; I certainly like it better swimming on a plate!
The Oyster was a breath of fresh ocean in a wine infused froth dotted with caviar.
Krabi – The crispiest crust with the softest fish, in a mild garlicky sauce laced with blue cheese. This was funky on funky, and ultra delicious!
Phuket – Don’t know anyone who comes to Phuket without indulging in some local lobsters! Here, the super fresh and firm de-shelled crustacean soaks in a pool of sweet savory lychee, shrimp paste cocktail broth. Every bite is sweet, juicy and toothsome. All lobsters should be cooked this way!
PRU Jampa – Looks like a ginger but tastes like yam. But what an amazing texture this was. It doesn’t carry much flavor on its own but it went famously well with the fragrant fruity sauce. I loved this!
Pak Chong- Wow! If only all lamb tasted this good. The tenderness of the medium rare tenderloin melted in sweet juiciness in the mouth. The usual gamey scent so often associated with lamb is non existent here. Instead, a warm milky feel was what I got on my palate. Its meat like this that deters me from turning vegan!
Khao Yai- If you don’t already know, roast duck is a common local favorite and I haven’t eaten one I didn’t like either. PRU has brought the local street food to a different level; transforming the household bird into the Prince of Ducks! Aged, before it is roasted to PERFECTION! Crispy skin that gives Peking Duck a run for its money and meat so, so ,so, tender (but not without bite), you’ll be asking for more. The warm, smokey flavor is enhanced with a tangy fruity sauce so rich, a little dab will go a long way.
Cheese Platter- I had noticed the cheese trolley on my way in and already had my eyes on them all! Every piece of cheese is from Thailand; truth be told, I have never tried Thai cheese prior to this! And though I was skeptical at first, my doubts were proved unnecessary from my very first bite!

Nakhon Si Thammarat- You had me at Chempedak! Not everyone’s favorite but this is one fruit I absolutely adore. The marriage of the strong fruit with citrusy kaffir lime was truly brilliant as it mellows out the pungent chempedak, and made it almost aromatic!

Chiang Mai- How beautiful is this! And I’ve never imagined Fennel nor Tarragon in my ice cream! Well, they’re both here, accompanied by whiffs of fresh calamansi. I was almost devastated to have to destroy this work of art… but the first bite changed everything!
Its not the end until the Petit Fours sang, is it? As stuffed as we were, these little cuties were too good to miss! So we had them to go and enjoyed every single one the next day, and I’m happy to report these little bites were exquisite!

Service at PRU was outstanding. From the moment we stepped onto the grounds of the resort, to the moment we stepped off the premise; it was smiles, grace and warmth all the way. It is mind blowing how Chef Jim creates each dish, plans the layering of flavors, and puts together the imaginative usage of the most unlikely and amazing ingredients. Go ahead. Pamper yourself; or rather, be pampered, and have a meal here. I promise you won’t regret it!

PRU @ 60/1 Moo 6, Srisoonthorn Road, Cherngtalay, Thalang, Phuket Phone: +66 (0)76-310-232

Disclaimer – This is not a sponsored post!

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