[Travelogue- Dolomites Part I] Can’t Get Enough of Pasta, Baby!

G.licious GravatarIndeed… for 10 days whilst ski vacationing at Dolomites, we stuffed our faces with pasta, pizza, wine and then more pasta! Yes, we love the sport… even more when we break for food at every piste restaurant, every chance we get. Sometimes its starts with a I-gotta-take-a-piss stop and ends up with food & wine waiting with a smirk! There’s nothing more spectacular than eating out on the mountains, breathing in cold fresh air, enjoying the view while the sun warms our faces with Billboard top 40s from the 90s blasting in the background! Dolomites has tonnes of these stops and the random few that we picked did not disappoint!

Rufigio Fodom has an alfresco dining area with an amazing view. After taking a million pictures, we sat down to some Aglio Olio, Margherita pizza, Beef Goulash Soup and wine. They were all good but something about piping hot soup in cold weather… hits all the right spots!

rifugiofodom Aglio
Rifugio Fodom’s Aglio Olio looks plain but packed in just the right amount of flavor without too much oil.
rifugiofodom margherita
The Margherita, fresh ingredients, thin crust, generously big!
rifugiofodom oxtail
The Goulash broth is rich, the beef chunks are tender, the potato is creamy and carrots are sweet! All that plus fresh cold mountain air… Mmmmm…!
rifugiofodom wine
No need for a fancy bottle when the 5-Euro house wine rocks!

It’s gotta mean something when you return a second time in 3 days. I guess Piz Sella‘s pizzas won us over. First time, we braved the chilly weather outside while we enjoyed a hot Margherita Pizza and a cold Aglio Olio. Cold by the time we were done with taking photos and devouring the pizza but hey, even cold, it was good! Second time round, we decided to sit indoors where its nice and toasty! This place’s got a great ambience too.. happy, bustling and relaxed! Our server recommended both Piz Sella’s specialties and we were not disappointed. The Spätzle pasta was a refreshing change and scored high on cheeziness! The Piz Sella Pizza was generously topped with sausages, mushrooms, artichokes, capsicums, cheese and tomatoes. All that on top a super thin crispy crust. Delish!

Piz Sella (1)
Located at the top of the Piz Sella cable car. This place’s got great views and food!
Piz Sella (5)
The classic Aglio Olio…. still good, cold!
Piz Sella (2)
The pesto Spätzle was unique, creamy and cheesy and all in a good way!
Piz Sella (7)
This crispy thin crust Margherita was packed with the most awesome basics you can slap on a pizza!
Piz Sella (3)
A great recommendation… The Piz Sella Pizza is a winner!
Piz Sella (4)
Nothing beats a Heisse Schokolade(Hot Chocolate) before hitting the slopes again. I spike mine with rum 😉

The Cold Platter at Panorama Hütte  not only looked beautiful, it was delicious! Tyrolean Speck (ham from South Tyrol) is internationally renowned and I can understand why. Our platter of cured prosciutto, salami, hirsch (deer meat) accompanied by horseradish, pickles and some local cheese made a totally satisfying meal. Our Aglio Olio (yes, we are fans of this simple pasta!) came tossed with juicy Roma tomatoes….gave it an extra zing and bite! Nicely done!

Panorama Hutte (1)
Panorama Hut is situated in Selva di Val Gardena at an altitude of 2130 meters.
Panorama Hutte (3)
Cherry tomatoes in the Aglio Olio, and a little more EVO than usual… not complaining…
Panorama Hutte (2)
Tyrolean Speck & Cheese Platter- Perfection!
Panorama Hutte (5)
Can’t do ham without cheese.. and pickles.. and horseradish!
Panorama Hutte (4)
Can’t roll a platter without bread…
Packing in the hungry crowd at Panorama Hut!

It was a snowless winter, 2015. But this super class resort made sure they made enough artificial snow for us die hards. And what a blessing in disguise its turned out to be. Because it wasn’t snowing, the sun was up and shining most of the day, the hundreds of slopes were groomed immaculately daily. The restaurants surely did not let the lack of snow dampen their spirits. The entire resort was in full swing and it was one of the best times we’ve had! And on that (happy) note, one more tip before I end part one of our delightful Italian escapade. One of the best Apple Strudel I’ve tasted ever was here at the Panorama Hut. Is it the juicy apples? The light crispy pastry? The goooey vanilla sauce? Whatever the abracadabra, it was good sorcery and I am so going back for more!

Apple strudel
Do not leave, I repeat, DO NOT LEAVE, without trying Panorama Hut’s Apple Strudel. And always, I repeat, ALWAYS with vanilla sauce!


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