[Travelogue- Phuket] Dont be a Tourist, Be a Traveller

Thought I’d  close the year with a compilation of the little secret eateries located on one of the world’s (and ours) favorite islands, Phuket. And taking with us into 2016, the motto, “Dont’ be a  Tourist, Be a Traveller” shall carry us forward with more curiosity, adventure and open-mindedness. Here’s to a super new year of great discoveries, love & laughter, health & wealth and of course boundless foods 😉

6 Places to go Local in Phuket….

Seeking decent local foods whilst in Phuket? Well, this touristy island’s actually got its fair share of down to earth local delights most of us would appreciate after one too many Tom Yum Kungs and BBQ lobsters! Some may be challengimg to locate but if you’re like us, just put your hearts to it, you will find it. With due research done, we head out in search of some of the island’s most local🐒

IMG_5346a1. MEE JIRAYUWAT @ 126 Moo 7 Phang Nga Rd. Phuket 83000, Thailand

Find the Phuket Trick Eye Museum and you’ll find Mee Jirayuwat! This popular coffee shop style restaurant serves up countless bowls of Wonton Noodles each day.[Read more…]

Feature Photos Kota2. KOTA KHAO MUN KAI @ 18 Soi Surin Montri Phuket Thailand

Thanks to a kind motorcyclist, we found what’s listed as Phuket’s best Chicken Rice. This is very exciting for me, being Queen of Chicken Rice.[Read more…]

Feature Photos MTP (2)3. MEE TON POE @ 214/7-8, Phuket Road, Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang

Mee Ton Poe is an old name specializing in noodle and rice dishes. But it’s their signature Hokkien Mee that packs in the hungry crowd everyday at this squeezy, stuffy coffee shop![Read more…]

Feature Photos Break Tak (1)

4. Famous for their Tom Yum Noodles, Break Tak is known to pack in a full house during lunch hours. We spent a long time looking for it as we had a very vague address and had to stop and ask 4 people (whom all knew the restaurant) before finally locating it. The large coffee shop was empty when we found it at 3.30pm (half hour to their closing time). We ordered their Signature Tom Yum noodles and it was ready in minutes.[Read more…]

IMG_46475. Ao Sane Beach Restaurant is located on a rocky beach of the same name in the southern tip of Phuket. Getting there took some time, but we just kept riding! Persevere and you shall be rewarded![Read more…]

Feature Photos Lock Tien6. Having been around for about 50 years, its no wonder Lock Tien remains one of the locals’ favorite eating place in Phuket. The main attraction here is the Fried Hokkien Mee, a popular or rather, a MUST order among the locals.[Read more…]

Don’t be a tourist, be a traveller!

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