BSK ain’t no Hell’s Kitchen


Firstly, a confession… I am a fan. Pretty much the only person I watch on food channels is Gordan Ramsay. I thought it would be hard to be unbiased… But Bread Street Kitchen has pulled it off without even blinking! There had been unfavorable reviews during the first weeks of opening but gradually, they improved. I had to see, or rather taste it for myself. So here I am, in a very busy Bread Street Kitchen on a Saturday night. Contrary to rumors, it wasn’t too hard clinching a reservation as long as you’re cool with their time slot. In my case, 8pm was quite perfect. BSK is a shockingly unpretentious casual joint. Its in fact, warm, cozy and trendy all at the same time. Unique interior… Part wood, part metal, with a mix of high table dining, booths, proper sit downs and bar counter seats. Service is great from door to check. We sat one level down by an open kitchen. Awwwsome👍…since I really enjoy watching the kitchen in action. The menu wasn’t too big. And it’s filled with classics from Caesar Salad to Fish & Chips.

Cidar-Onion Soup, Cheddar Cheese Toasties

We started with the only soup on the menu. No onions in sight but the light creamy soup was not lack the flavors of sweet onions. I was very pleased with it and secretly wished it came in a bigger bowl! A nice tummy warmer before the feast!

Potted Salt Beef Brisket, Grain Mustard, Piccalilli, Caraway Crackers

Potted Pot Beef Brisket- our other starter is also a winner. Tender shredded beef brisket is seasoned in a grainy mustard dressing and served with sweet tangy piccalilli and crunchy caraway crackers. I didn’t quite fancy the hard crackers but the beef and pickles were beautiful together! The shredded beef is tender and the creamy dressing is spot on.

Slow Roasted Dingley Dell Pork Belly, Spiced Apple Purée

My weakness for crackling skin, be it from chicken, pork or fish overrides my need to diet any day 😥! Thus, my mind was made up (even before studying the menu) after watching plates of crackling pork belly whiz past me! I got 2 good sized pork belly strips, slow roasted to perfection. Tender flesh and super crunchy skin. The sweet apple purée cuts whatever little oil that’s still in the pork and the diced apple cleverly adds a juicy crunch. The belly cut had a good balance of lean meat, fat and crackling. When they brought it, my server drizzled some of the accompanying jus over the meat. I suggest you tell them to hold that jus and leave it by the side as a dip. If not, you may get bits of soggy, chewy crackling, a result of the otherwise delicious jus. No good crackling should voluntarily succumb to sogginess.


Naturally, we had to try their top seller, the BSK Short Rib Beef Burger. If you don’t fancy pink, I’d suggest medium doneness for your patty. In my case, our medium rare pink burger patty was thick, juicy and tasty! Almost like a beef tartare burger! The sriracha mayo dressing was a little spicy for me… but it does add a nice little kick to the burger which I’m sure would appeal to many people.

One hit and a miss for desserts. The Banana Sticky Toffee Pudding was soft until your fork hits the bottom. Not the best texture for me. The BSK Chocolate and Peanut Butter Bar was sinfully sweet and also sinfully yummy. For sure, it would be the destroyer of all diets but it’d be an enemy you’d like to keep close 😉!IMG_1321And speaking of keeping close… it was surely hard keeping my eyes closed or off the chefs… No, no, no…Not in an indecent kind of way :-0 but in awe of the foods they tirelessly and swiftly churn out (complete with smiles on their faces!). Salads are really popular here. I must have witnessed more than 20 of them fly out the kitchen in the 2 hours we were there. The gorgeous Tuna Tartare and Salmon Ceviche are definitely must-tries. But the Tamarind Spiced Chicken Wings is, beyond any doubt, going to be my dinner next time round 😋! And maybe, just maybe, I will also catch Ramsay in action 😄!

Bodegas Santo Cristo… I liked that BSK offers wines in carafes for times when we want just a little bit more than one glass. Definitely lacking in Singapore.
That jus is delicious but keep it off the crackling!
Irresitably cute pot of ketchup.
Tender shredded beef brisket.
Light & creamy, this is one unique Onion Soup.
You had me at “Sriracha mayo dressing with melted Monterey Jack Cheese…”


Bread Street Kitchen @  Marina Bay Sands Bay Level L1-81, 2 Bayfront Avenue, The Shoppes,Singapore 018972



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