Ricciotti- Cool Italian Dining by the River

IMG_1975Fate has it that we would cross path after 12 years. But ever since our first encounter, 3 months back, it’s been a monthly affair between Ricciotti and I☺️. There are just a handful of memorable Italian restaurants for me in Singapore. Perhaps I had been fortunate… Having visited Italy countless times, experiencing some of the most authentic and gratifying Italian cooking from family farms to big cities. In my opinion, Italian food is best in its own motherland. Is it the flours? The water? The various types of tomatoes? Cheeses? The altitude? Weather?! Its a mystery… a fascinating one. Ricciotti, however, has managed to pull off some really decent Italian cuisine right here on our little red dot and it’s been drawing me back to them.IMG_1781Doesn’t hurt that they have a great setup. The restaurant boasts a cool alfresco bar as well as an indoor dining room thats cheerful, lively and very comfortable. Our visits here always start with cocktails outdoors by the river (great spot!) before heading inside for some yummy Italian food. They have a good sized menu, enough to keep you interested, not so overwhelming you forget what’s on starters when you get to mains.


A good test of skill tends to start with the standard protocols. Now, I am not a big pizza fan though I have surprised myself and asked for seconds in Italy. But I must admit Ricciotti’s pizzas are pretty delicious.

The classic Margherita (S$14) passes in every aspect. Good flavor, good texture and not so cheesy you feel bloated after a couple of slices.

Al Tartufo
The Al Tartufo (S$20) at Ricciotti left quite a deep impression. Black truffles were generously laid on… the flavor is distict yet not overpowering. The other toppings, the cheese, the tomato sauce, the mushrooms and quail eggs all tie in nicely on the thin crust. Such good pizza I couldn’t leave behind the last 2 slices and had them bagged for home. Two days and a few minutes in the hot oven later, they were still delicious! (Tip- wrap them in foil before sticking in the oven so not to dry it out.) Highly recommended👍🏻!

“Perhaps a couple more minutes will crisp up the Calzone…?” I thought to myself as the puffy folded pizza sat before me. Then all was forgiven when I dug into a trove of juicy artichokes, ham, mushrooms, olives, tomatoes and mozzarella! How did they get their hands on my favorite foods list😮!?

When undecided, order a platter, or two! The Fritto Misto (S$16) consists of freshly fried calamari, prawns, fish and baby squids and is served with a creamy spicy pomodoro dip. I do prefer the prawns and fish as they were fried really well and were crispier than the squids. This is a good starter to share and I’m not sure I know anyone who don’t like fried food!? If you’re into cheese like me. The Tagliere di Formaggi (S$24) is quite a treat. There’s always Parmigiano (my absolute favorite cheese in the world!) on the platter, and there’s the rest. Ricciotti does not have a cheese cellar but their range of cheeses for the board is always high quality. Paired with sweet organic figs and balsamic jam…mmm… heavenly 👼😋! Its a great choice to start or end a meal!IMG_1785The Eggplant Parmigiana (S$15) is a bubbling hot ensemble of juicy sliced eggplant buried in gooey mozzarella, parmesan and tangy tomato sauce. One of this (hmm… maybe two?) as my main dish and I’m happy as Larry!IMG_1778Love cheeks! Be it beef, fish or pork cheeks. If it’s on the menu, I will very likely order it. Ricciotti serves up some specials on.. well, special days, and guess what’s cookin’!? The thick slab of beef cheek was evidently laboured over for hours, resulting a melt-in-your-mouth tender meat. It was rich, flavorful, savory with a teeny zing to it. Served with crunchy asparagus and fried polenta fries to wipe down the bowl! Wow! It was superb!

On to the pastas. There is a whole page of very interesting pastas and the pictures on the menu really call out to you! It’s hard to decide but one the chef’s recommendation, Linguine al Granchio (S$26) is quite a champ!IMG_1903Al dente linguine swims amongst bounteous shredded crab meat in a delicious tomato based sauce. The tartness of the tomato brought out the sweetness of the crab. A very appetizing pasta! Must try!IMG_1956Spaghetti Alio Olio & Gamberi (S$24)… I am quite happy and contented with a naked Spaghetti Alio Olio, so the prawns here were really an added luxury. They were plump, firm and fresh, not a second overcooked. The pasta glistens in fragrant garlic infused olive oil. Sliced fresh red chillies lend a little kick. This is so simple yet not one bit compromised in taste.

For me, Ricciotti is kinda fancy home style. Overall, good quality Italian food. With a full bar, a great wine list, an extensive food menu, and relaxing ambience, its just the place to spend an entire evening.

Ricciotti @ 20 Upper Circular Road, Singapore 058416



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