Adrift- Where Quality Matters

Staring back at you on Adrift‘s website, quotes the man himself, “Adrift is a playful take on a kaleidoscope of experiences that will tantalize your palate.” – Chef David Myers. Well, if that isn’t intriguing enough for one to set sail right away!? I know we did😊. It was a Monday evening, the stylish restaurant was about half filled. Already liking what I see upon stepping in… tasteful decor, large glass jars filled with what seemed like hay doubled as lighting, dim but not so dark I had to tread across with my phone light! Black metals and wood furnishings brought about a warm yet trendy feel to the place. Service was delightful. Everyone was cheerful, friendly, knowledgable and attentive. But what really won me over at Adrift was the impeccable quality of ingredients on every plate. A strong Japanese influence is present on the entire menu, including a wide range of Japanese produce. Had we the consensus, I would have liked to try the Omakase dinner at S$138 for 6 courses including beverage pairing. Sounds like a no brainer, no? Anyhow, that didn’t happen, so perhaps another time.IMG_2435The menu is a small one, and starters are small plates meant for sharing. We chose mostly the house specialties (look for the infinity symbol) for our meal this evening and I can understand why they were special.

For starters, Lobster Roll and Big Eyed Tuna.IMG_2439The Lobster roll ($26), was a soft fluffy seaweed bun split in the middle and stuffed with sweet, creamy lobster meat. I could barely taste the seaweed in the bun and being much smaller than a regular hot dog bun, it sadly couldn’t hold much of that delicious lobster😕, also making sharing a tad tricky unless one bite is all you’re willing to part with. Although I felt it wasn’t very innovative, the overall flavor is very appealing and definitely yummy. IMG_2444The Big Eye Tuna, on the other hand, was delicious👍🏻! I am glad we ordered the large plate to share ($21) as one slice of this beautiful fish would not have sufficed for me. The sashimi is fresh and firm, well flavored in a fantastic seasoning and sits on top the smoothest puréed tofu. The taste, veering towards savory salty, was veritably perfect for me, since I preferred strong flavors. Excellent choice 👌🏻 Would recommend!

Main courses were the Kagoshima Beef and Colorado Lamb Chops. Both were impressive.IMG_2446The beef, done medium rare, was succulent, tender and juicy. And without a doubt, of distinction quality. We had ordered the small portion and it was the size of 2 mahjong tiles. So if you’re hungry, get the large! This precious morsel is melt-in-your-mouth moist and buttery. Exquisite! I was expecting something more exciting than a ponzu sauce but this one laced with wasabi worked too. The tempura vegetables were crispy and grease free, a nice change from the usual spud and salad.IMG_2450I enjoy lamb… but would only order it at a restaurant I have confidence in and my decision tonight was right on! Adrift did not disappoint. First and foremost and again, the meat was top notch. Order it at medium rare to savor the natural juices but not the blood. It wasn’t too fatty, was nicely charred on the outside and tender to the bite. Especially liked the spiced apricots that did two things…. Cut some gamey aftertaste and added sweetness to the savory rich lamb. Though this did not carry the infinity symbol, I’d recommend it if you’re into lamb, and I would ask for more apricots😄 !


And speaking of asking for more, the complimentary rice crackers served before dinner were so yummy, we had seconds 😉

Adrift @ 10 Bayfront Ave, Marina Bay Sands, Hotel Lobby Tower 2, Singapore 018956



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