[Travelogue] Kuala Lumpur- Char Siew Yoong叉燒楊家家來 

I love KL’s local food scene. Most old masterchefs still personally rule with their heirloom woks, cleavers, chopping boards and ovens from eons ago. Family secret recipes and skills are passed down one generation after another. Now that is truly what’s keeping the heritage alive. This time in Kuala Lumpur, I tasted one of the best Char Siews ever! And though this business has yet to be passed down a second generation, it is indisputably a brand name in the making! IMG_7831Nothing beats a simple yet hearty meal of Char Siew Fan (叉烧饭  Barbecue Pork with rice). At Char Siew Yoong (叉燒楊家家來), that’s exactly what you get! Forget carcinogen for a moment and savor Yoong’s charred char siew! It is smoky and juicy, thanks to a half fatty cut. Of course you could also request for the I’m-watching-my-diet lean cut or the bring-it-on fatty cut! Hey, nobody’s judging! IMG_7841The flavor is robust and deep with hints of charcoal no less! Slight crisp around the edges, juicy and tender on the inside. Doused in its very own sweet savory drippings..it is irresistible and sooo yummy with steaming white rice! This must-try char siew is worth every extra mile you clock in on the treadmill after!IMG_7843Yoong’s roast pork belly (烧肉) has got a great crackling…There’s more fat to lean meat ratio… but let’s face it, you can’t score a roast pork belly without any fats or it will simply dry out. The photo doesn’t do it much justice, what with the zero creativity way it lays. But that’s just how they roll at Yoong’s… no fancy plating, not even basic garnishings, just the way its prepared, from the kitchen to your table. And while I’m at “looks ain’t everything”, the following dish takes the crown! IMG_7835Haphardly plated and surely nothing to look at, but absolutely one of the OMG-Best braised pork knuckle ever! The glistening fatty skin is springy, soft and supple without the slightest hint of oil or porky stench. There’s barely any lean meat but if you do find some, that too is soft, tender and juicy! See that one naked bone? That is exactly how tender this baby is, the meat just glides off! That gravy! Oh that gravy is heavenly! Subtle hints of spices and just the right consistency.. This gravy begs for a second helping of rice! And so we did! What an incredible pork knuckle. Its gonna set the bar right up there for me!

Yoong’s braised chicken feet is visible at every table and its easy to understand. Its so tender even the toothless can have a go!

For the (rare) non pork eater, Yoong’s poached chicken is a natural choice. Using lean kampong chickens only, you can expect zero fat on this bird!

The classic Hakka dish, braise pork belly, did not live up to my expectations. But if you enjoy meat with more texture and bite, this fits the bill.

Simple poached lettuce… just so we get our dose of greens as well!

This happy coffee shop retaurant packs in the crowd everyday. It  can get pretty crazy with all kinds of orders and requests. But check out that big smile on Chef Yoong! This is no grumpy chef! Same goes with the entire Yoong team… everyone is friendly and helpful. Stand by him while he chops skilfully on his roast meats and chances are he’ll plonk a piece in your hand! A teaser if you’re just arriving, one for the road if you’re leaving!

No persuading needed to get Chef Yoong in front of the camera! He is all smiles and totally adorable!

Thank you to our KL comrades, Sek & Sha for introducing this awesome restaurant!
Char Siew Yoong 叉燒楊家家來 @ 23, Jalan Pudu Ulu, Cheras, Wilayah Persekutuan KL. Malaysia


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