Can’t believe I waited so long to try this! By far the best turtle soup I’ve had in Singapore.. a previous Mountbatten Road favorite had relocated with drastic consequences (read- quality down, prices up). Located within a small food center that’s cursed by the harsh heat and humidity ☀️ of Singapore’s weather…  If there’s anything to keep you going, it would be this Turtle elixir bestowing ninja strength and immunity in every sip! Still sweating like a pig but persevering between mouthfuls of thick juicy turtle meat and delicious soup, we discussed plans in ordering this awesome delicacy to go on our next visit! Very Lucky’s (I just ❤️ the name too!) turtle soup contains generous amounts of delicate meat and gooey skin. A result of meticulously timed simmering… to ensure the meat tears apart effortlessly between chopsticks yet not so soft it disintegrates into the soup. The meat texture is smooth and retains a fair bite, while the silky skin is thick and springy.. much thicker than all I’ve had locally. The homemade chili sauce is popular among chili loving Singaporeans but I’m quite happy with my unadulterated version. The small raw turtle eggs (size of a quail’s) are simply cracked into a bowl of soup. Not much egg porn worthy of Instagram but a yummilicious rush in the mouth no less😛!! For people whom may be skittish about consuming turtles, the stall serves an eye-opening array of other dishes and soups including Bak Kut Teh (pork rib soup), Claypot Chicken Rice, Ginseng Chicken Soup and Crocodile Stew 🐊 and many others. Me? Think I’ll keep to my Lucky 🍀 Turtle 🐢 for now….(a very long now) 😀.

Slightly oiled yam rice-preferred accompaniment to turtle soup
Very Lucky’s homemade chili dip… a little goes a long way!

No filter required! Steaming hot from source!




Very Lucky Turtle Soup @ 166 Jalan Besar #02-38/49 Berseh Food Centre Singapore 208877 Phone: 62920851

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post! 


  1. Like you I also find an unadulterated turtle soup much more satisfying. I’ve had this turtle elixir from Ser Seng Herbs (Turtle) Restaurant at 39 Tai Thong Crescent though, which is largely because I stumbled onto them first through their website at Every sip is immunizing and strength-boosting indeed! My next Singapore visit will have Very Lucky in my to-try list for me to see the difference. Awesome review!


    • Ser Seng is a long standing brand name in Singapore too and yes.. they’re pretty good. Somehow, I still prefer the smooth robust flavor of Lucky.. not to mention the owner chef is really friendly and generous. I hope you’ll like it too when you visit!


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