Lately, we have ventured further and further away from mainstream Phuket to deeper into Old Phuket Town for their local food. However, finding Ko Yoon Hokkien Mee was by no means, accidental. In fact, it was requital for getting ripped off by our usual “local” joint a day before. A boycott just wasn’t enough. We had to show the ex we can do better! And moving on to better things has surely paid off!

Keep your eyes peeled for this small storefront camouflaged by plants and heavy traffic. Despite the international interpretations of the stall’s specialties, it has remained humble and local.

Unlike the typical stir fry version, Ko Yoon’s thick yellow noodles are blanched and tossed in a wicked dressing that’s garlicky, prawny and super umami! A ton of ingredients accompanies the humble noodles which you could order dry or in soup. Think pork slices, fish cake, meat rolls, fish balls, bean sprouts, morning glory leaves, prawns, pork lardon, fried wontons, boiled dumplings, crispy shallots, fresh chives, sliced chilies, ground peanuts, bread croutons!

Ko Yoon’s Noodles in Soup boasts a broth that is umami-liciously rich, with a peppery kick and robustly seafoody!
The Dry tossed Noodles with a million toppings! 

My eyes lit up when both versions arrive at the cramp, tiny table we were seated. I can’t pick a favorite.. they were just as delicious. The noodles are cooked to a good springy bite and every strand well seasoned in the sauce. I am blown away by the generous amount of toppings in my bowl! At 45 Baht a pop, this is the ultimate happy meal (sans the toy) and worth every second of the 40-minute bike ride from Kata!img_4893No frills would be an overstatement on Ko Yoon. These guys looked like they woke up one morning and decided to cook and sell last night’s leftovers in front of their home… and never looked back! Mismatched tables and chairs occupy every inch of the “family living room”, while framed photoraphs, dusty artificial flowers, old glorious trophies, broken fans, clocks and archaic ornaments line whatever wall space that’s left!

Hundreds of photos adorn the walls and shelves together with medication, toys, memorabilia and stuff!

Clockwise fro top left: Owner-Chef works relentlessly at the front of the shop. He looks up and readily throws me a warm, handsome smile when I asked for a photo! Already well seasoned and mixed, just dig in when they arrive! The small bowls pack a good portion of noodles and ingredients. Some basic condiments offered at every table included pickled green chili, fresh chili dips, sugar and chili paste. Not that any was even needed unless you want some spice.

I continued to dream about these awesome noodles today. As much as I love to decode recipes and surpass cookery secrets, I’ll happily sit this one out… why mess with perfection?

Ko Yoon Hokkien Noodles @ Suriyadet Circle, Talat Nuea, Mueang Phuket District, Phuket 83000, Thailand

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post!

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