img_4966One Chun, a doppelgänger of the equally famous Raya Thai, sits at the junction of busy Thepkasattri Road in Phuket Old Town. Boasting a somewhat similar but sparkier ambience and an equally unique menu of royal Thai cuisine, One Chun looks set to give her rival a run for their money! We have always dined at the former and were excited to make comparisons.

Fresh Crab Meat in Yellow Curry and Coconut Milk

First up, the signature Fresh Crab Meat in Yellow Curry and Coconut Milk served with Rice Vermicelli. This is just mildly spicy, though I believe you could tell the kitchen to kick it up a notch if you like it hot! I, on the other hand, liked that I could taste the sweetness of the fresh crab meat and the creamy coconut milk in this one. Drown the accompanying soft rice vermicelli in the milky broth and slurp away to an unbelievably hearty chow!

Deep Fried Pork with Salt

A second house special, Deep Fried Pork with Salt, did not quite deliver, in my opinion. There’s nothing extraordinary about the flavor nor taste. Just salted fried meat. Fortunately it was reasonably tender… but really, that’s about it.

Deep Fried Egg with Crab Meat

Deep Fried Egg with Crab Meat is a lot like Indonesia’s Tauhu Telor but without the tofu. Beaten eggs fried to a crisp fluffy golden omelette with bits of crab meat enveloped within. Not excessively greasy, no funky rancid aftertaste despite being deep fried; Ok overall but would score better with more crab meat.

Deep Fried Tuna Served with Spicy Mango Salad

Deep Fried Tuna Served with Spicy Mango Salad was the winning dish hands down. Don’t be disappointed by the absence of a physical fish. The tuna here has been fried, then ground into aromatic crispy grains. The side salad comprises of shredded green mango, shallots, chilies and cashew nuts in a mildly spicy, sweet lime sauce. It’s is so delicious and so appetizing. Top a spoonful of crispy tuna with the wonderful crunchy salad for an explosive party in the mouth!


The menu at One Chun is huuuuge. And apart from the usual Thai classics, there’s a variety of unique dishes that you don’t just find anywhere… just a few that caught my attention .. Crab’s Spawn Chili Sauce, Thai Paste with Fresh Shrimp, Phuket Style Steamed Pork, Fish Taro Soup. But you’d need to gather a group of people if you wanna to try them all.


Clockwise from top left: The restaurant is fairly big and is beautifully decorated. The staff is friendly though not everyone speaks English; A big fresh meaty coconut to start the meal; Freshly peeled crab meat in the star dish; A fluffy omelette that could do with more crab meat; And my personal favorite, a zesty salad over crispy tuna crumbs!  

Phuket Town has a host of other restaurants, cafes and even museums to check out. Be adventurous and explore on your own; or you could check out this Phuket Town Private Tour I found online that takes you around Phuket in a comfy air condition ride!

One Chun Cafe & Restaurant @ 48/1 Thepkasattri Road (near the intersection with Dibuk Road in Phuket Old Town) Phone +66 (0) 76355909, +66 (0) 85145443

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post.

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