I’m not into buffets… I’m just not that big an eater, not to mention over-stuffing my face had once (maybe twice) led to rather unforgiving consequences. Yes… there is a ‘but’ coming! But after much convincing, I went with a group of hungry buddies to the famous Gyu-Kaku for their SGD84.90 All-You-Can-Eat Japanese Wagyu Beef Yakiniku Buffet. It is also one of those restaurants that limit your dining time to 90 minutes. Not typically my style either but I’ll go with the flow.

Check out the menu!
Other meats include lamb, pork, chicken, prawns, scallops and little foil packages contating mushrooms and corn.

With no time to lose, the meats were served faster than the bullet train to Tokyo! And we were grilling and eating like an episode out of The Amazing Race! There is a variety of Japanese and Australian Wagyu beef cuts. I’d say, forget about the Australian beef if you’re already paying the premium price. Most of the Japanese Wagyu cuts were good, but the best was the Kuroge Wagyu Cross Karubi. This well marbled thin sliced beef cooks very quickly and is succulently juicy. Even a couple of neglected pieces from the grill remained tender despite being charred. So, I’d go big on this cut if I were you! Other meats worth mentioning were the Pork Jowl, a fatty cheek cut that’s soft and juicy without any fatty aftertaste. The Teriyaki Chicken cubes were surprisingly yummy! Great marinade on tender chicken thigh meat. Sweet and juicy, tastes even better if you give it time to char a little bit around the edges! Lamb chops were well seasoned and Kurobuta Pork Belly slices were also devoured in minutes! If you insist on more variety, there’s always fresh prawns, scallops and squid but those were very mediocre in my opinion. A wide range of starters and sides are available but we did not waste precious stomach space on those!

Caramel popcorn and Vanilla gelato

Finish with a cup of Gelato; though most of us had 2! Go for Matcha and Mango! And if you’re a die hard Vanilla fan, order a little cup of caramel popcorn to go with it! Including beverages and taxes, the bill came up to SGD106 a pop. Though I’m positive I did not consume a hundred dollars worth of meat, I will return, knowing my beef crave will be fixed by a guaranteed reasonable level of quality Wagyu!

Clockwise from top left: Perfect hot coal for even and quick grilling; DIY cooking gets addictive even for the non-cook; generous portions; our overflowing table; literally eat-til-you-drop!

There are 6 Gyu-Kaku outlets and we filled our tummies at One KM, where the servers were friendly, cheerful and efficient despite the demanding crowd!

Gyu-Kaku @ 11 Tanjong Katong Road, One KM, #01-16 Singapore 437157 Phone: +65 6362 4001

Disclaimer- This is not a sponsored post!

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