[Travelogue- Phuket] Sweet Heavens, Its Wonton Mee!

Find the Phuket Trick Eye Museum and you’ll find Mee Jirayuwat! This popular coffee shop style restaurant serves up countless bowls of Wonton Noodles each day. The place is spacious and comfortable. One-woman show behind the open kitchen… dunking fresh noodles in hot water and broth one bowl at a time. In other words, be prepared to wait a little bit.  That’s where the Satays come in..

Curb your hunger with freshlygrilled pork satay.
Curb your hunger with freshly grilled pork satay.

The 4 sticks of Pork Satay we ordered were devoured very quickly. I can’t decide if they were super yummy or were we super hungry?! I guess they were ok. Tender enough and lightly flavored. They are good buffers while you wait for your noodles. And coming back to the noodles… Options are straight forward. Pick your noodle type (thin egg noodles, glass noodles, rice noodles, etc), choose dry or soup version, with chili or not. My preference has always been dry thin egg noodles without chili but here, the soup version actually worked better. The soup, a sweet prawny stock, was light and tasty, and unlike the dry version, the noodles did not get all clumped in a ball. Besides the usual char siu (grilled pork), wontons (meat dumplings) and some leafy greens, Jirayuwat’s noodles also came with prawns and bean sprouts. As we were about to tuck in, the owner sprung forward gesturing us to wait. Showing us how its done, he spooned some pickled green chili, sugar and a dash of fish sauce in our noodles. Chili flakes at your own discretion. Hmm… Sweet salty wonton mee! May taste a little strange for most of us whom are used to savory or spicy noodles but you know what they say, “When in Rome Thailand, do as the Thais do!”  And sweet noodle’s how we roll in Thailand!

Thin egg noodles, dry and soup versions.
Thin egg noodles, dry and soup versions.
Just one woman mans the “kitchen”, cooking one bowl at a time.
Top up condiments
Top up condiments
Dry Wonton mee
Generous toppings on the dry tossed wonton mee… love the extra crunch from the ground nuts.
Soup Wonton Mee
Soup Wonton Mee
Noodles stay separated al dente in the sweet prawn stock.
Noodles stay separated and springy in the sweet prawn stock.
Don't forget the spoonful of sugar!
Don’t forget the spoonful of sugar!
Fresh Coconut water- perfect with the noodles and for the weather!
MEE JIRAYUWAT @ 126 Moo 7 (Phang Nga Rd.), Phuket 83000, Thailand

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