&Sons… You’ve made Mamma Proud! 

IMG_7260&Sons Bacaro at China Square is quite the restaurant bar. First and foremost, they did a great job with the decor… Love the sexy dark wood and soft lighting that deck the place, the relaxing high stool outdoor seating, the casual yet cozy feel of the entire setup, the natural sunlight that streams into the room and despite the large number of tables both indoors and out, the restaurant feels spacious and comfortable. A bacaro is typically an Italian wine bar… a joint where you get small plates of food, called Cicchetti with (lotsa) wine! Fancy finding one in China Square but who’s complaining?  The lunch crowd built up in a blink of an eye the day we were there. Albeit the full house, service was still prompt, efficient and friendly.IMG_7256Like us, most diners went for the value lunch menu and unlike many lunch menus, &Sons’ was all round good in value, taste and variety. IMG_7250If a hearty bowl of greens, processed ham, hard boiled eggs and Kraft singles is your idea of a Chef’s Salad, you’d be in for a shock! Well, a good shock. To begin, Sons’ adaptation of the Chef’s salad looks nothing like the famous original. And neither does it taste like it. Their version, a combination of salty pancetta, bitter arugula, fresh shredded cheese and creamy poached egg was a refreshing, not to mention, much needed update of the classic! No offence to Chef Salad lovers but you should really give this a try! IMG_7252&Sons Spaghetti Carbonara is served with their wonderful guanciale instead of regular bacon. As much as I adore bacon, this homemade cured pork jowl is well aged, sufficiently salty, with a bite that goes beautifully with the perfectly cooked silky pasta. The shiny, wobbly break-it-yourself poached egg sits invitingly atop awaiting annihilation! The simple, rustic dish was delish! IMG_7257IMG_7254IMG_7253IMG_7255IMG_72581 afternoon 2 dishes and I’m sold! Now I can’t wait for my next lunch date with the Sons 😉


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